222, The Lovers, The Queen of Disks, and The Moon

It’s the year of the Lover – It’s the VI in the Major Arcana- Time for joy~ Union, relating, divining, dancing


Queen of Disks

She’s determined in her life to sit strongly in the position she is in, which is the material world. She is all about THAT. For anyone like me, who has dedicated a life to spirit, this directive is fresh and welcomed. Now it’s about being here— in this world—and out there in this new time.  It’s an exact focus, not distracted. Putting a new definition on intention. Intention extreme.

The Moon

Completion energy, romance, knowing what’s illusion—time to bust through the fog.


It looks like 3 swans.

It’s a signal like morse code- what may it be for you?

A spiritual bypass is occurring this year. If you ever wondered what your purpose is, this year is a platform for the question. BEcause, isn’t our purpose to be living as a soul? It always has been, and now that we are more in our bodies than ever, we don’t need that question.

We can thank the mind for being so powerful. We can thank the heart for being so big, and now we can say, Soul: you take over. I trust you. Connecting from our soul will be at the forefront of our lives.  222 mind body soul.

We are healing—collectively and personally. If we are true to self and accept and then honor and reflect that out to the world, that’s a protective shield.
With this, great innovations are in route; they are in the pike.

A teacher and friend John Carroll, a very magical being, would laugh at the curiosity seekers that would come to him. They would challenge him. They weren’t true seekers, (what I mean by that is someone ready). I do notice if I do something out of curiosity verses being fully in with it, it kills the cat. I mean, what’s the point anymore. Do it.

A story

A very potent number in my life. I was born at 2:22 p.m. I also connected to my father through the repeated 222. This became very strong when he passed. Born in 1922, weighing 2.2 lbs, and was a 22 life path in numerology. He survived 2 merchant marine ships that went down. Then the 2’s really came in, after he had a cerebral hemorrhage on 2/22/1993 – added together 1993 is a 22.  I clocked out of work at 2:22 pm. He passed 2 days later. I went back to work 2 weeks later and recounted with a friend and coworker some of the magic of the past 2 weeks. While speaking about it, the weather changed dramatically, the skies turned dark and the wind starting whipping. Then it rained for a few minutes and stopped. We looked at the clock and it was 2:22 pm.  When I see the number I pay attention. Like many do with 11:11 and 12:12 and all repeated numbers. You can’t get it wrong as it will keep occurring. You can slow it down though. Be ready—seize the shit out of 2022.

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