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Andrea helped me re-design my living room, music space, and art wall recently and I love how it turned out!

She gave me ideas about furniture placement that I had never thought of that would help utilize my space better. My piano is now in my dining room! And it works beautifully. Who would’ve known?

She’s extremely creative and she knows how to make a room flow. The new placement of my couches, dining table, and now my music instruments give this Space such a great feeling when you walk in. It flows, you can breathe in it. The art on my wall looks amazing, and I am able to enjoy it more (my cat too) with the new arrangement. Others come into my home and tell me that the room flows better, there’s more space, that there’s more light that is brought in from the windows that they had never seen before.

I have had nothing but positive comments from friends and family and music students when they walk into my house.

Thanks again, you are a genius! 😘😘😘 Melissa Delman, music teacher, Atlanta, GA 2017

2012 Divine Design lab alumni, working with Andrea since October 2012:

Listen to Sheila Pearl, relationship coach and author:

I have crossed the threshold, and through this, I realize how important the journey (not the destination) really is for me. In fact, there is no destination 🙂 Thanks for providing the kick in the “pants” that I needed. The following is a detailed list of things, as I see it, that you helped me either to complete and/or begin 🙂 My finances are in order. The Company has a measurable increase in gross sales resulted from my being more focused on my business. I have been exploring alternative options of revenue. A new one revealed itself today! Finally, I have an office! I no longer work at the dining room table. Georgia Brown, MAG3 International, LLC

Before I worked with Andrea I was experiencing some doubt regarding my own security and what lied ahead.  During one session she reinforced the support that was around me that I didn’t recognize, as well as validated my spiritual concerns and then focused on what real changes I could make. After, I felt confident about my move and in general found myself thinking in a prosperous way where I wasn’t concerned or worried, but actually enthusiastic about the possibilities ahead of me. ~Steven Smith, BBc- Kenya

Prior to working with Andrea I wrote without much awareness of why or other or intention. Her insights and loving kindness have helped me see my work’s greater purpose, how it can be of service and use. And, most importantly, she has given me practical steps to guide me along the path. ~Chris Ermides, writer

Andrea’s inspiring reading gave me the confidence I needed to follow my heart and venture towards solidifying my professional practice and business.  Guidance I will remember always.  Thank you, Andrea. ~Donna Brickwood, Founder of Sacred Space: Healing Arts, Nature Awareness, and Movement, Beacon, NY

“Before the design suggestions from Andrea, I was feeling stuck and unmotivated in various areas of my life.  As soon as I  implemented the changes, I had a feeling of relief and inspiration. I am now more prepared and am following through on things, as well as being more organized and determined to keep it that way. I feel healthier mentally and I am saving time in my day since things are more orderly. It’s miraculous really.. my surroundings have taken on a much more aesthetic ambience. I’m enjoying the simpler things as a result of the changes.-changes I wouldn’t have achieved without the help of Andrea. She truly has a gift for this, and I am lucky to have been afforded the opportunity to be a recipient of her wonderful service. Thank you.”~ Claudia Levesque, Claudia’s Catering


My own, Divine Design, a feng shui for your personal mission. Inner meeting outer. Landing you in profit and health.

The following testimonials range from 2004-2008, when I worked with people doing a total re-design in their home or workspace.

I want to thank you so very much for the work you did for us in reorganizing our office. As you know, we had files from 1927, materials which should have been discarded long ago, and an office arrangement which did not lend itself to efficiency. What was accomplished at your direction and supervision is nothing short of miraculous.

The office is now well-organized, bright, attractive and efficient. I particularly appreciate the work you did to help us get all of our files in an electronic form and the design work you did in the selection of new paint and floor coverings.

Thank you.
John F. Shine Ph.D.
Executive Director
Order of Malta, American Association, NYC branch

Somehow she can grasp the big picture, apparently seeing beyond the specifics of one person’s particular (somewhat disorganized) world. In my case I have a guitar shop where we build way too many different kinds of instruments in way too small a space. I really wasn’t sure what Andrea could do for me, but there was a calmness and clarity that she brought that enabled ideas to flow in a very approachable, logical way. A lot of ideas came to light that were soon implemented and have transformed our shop. I don’t know who came up with which ideas, but somehow they just happened, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have happened as easily and effortlessly without Andrea’s creative energy. I might never have gotten my shop to this degree of ease and functionality. Hiring Andrea is one of the most efficient investments I’ve ever made in my business.

Gratefully –
Joe Veillette
owner Veillette Guitars, Woodstock, NY

hello Andrea – I hope this finds you well – I wanted to say that your ‘pearls’ of decorator ‘sense’ and placement ideas imparted ideas that were INVALUABLE and created ‘space’ to double my productivity for the month of June only several weeks after we met. I am very pleased with the efficiency and time and also the patience in dealing with my ‘flight of ideas’ during the process – if I annoyed you it never showed! 😉

Thanks for imparting some FANTASTIC ideas that truly WORKED and were well worth the fee you charged and then some! 😉
Elisabeth, NYC