222, The Lovers, The Queen of Disks, and The Moon

It’s the year of the Lover – It’s the VI in the Major Arcana- Time for joy~ Union, relating, divining, dancing


Queen of Disks

She’s determined in her life to sit strongly in the position she is in, which is the material world. She is all about THAT. For anyone like me, who has dedicated a life to spirit, this directive is fresh and welcomed. Now it’s about being here— in this world—and out there in this new time.  It’s an exact focus, not distracted. Putting a new definition on intention. Intention extreme.

The Moon

Completion energy, romance, knowing what’s illusion—time to bust through the fog.


It looks like 3 swans.

It’s a signal like morse code- what may it be for you?

A spiritual bypass is occurring this year. If you ever wondered what your purpose is, this year is a platform for the question. BEcause, isn’t our purpose to be living as a soul? It always has been, and now that we are more in our bodies than ever, we don’t need that question.

We can thank the mind for being so powerful. We can thank the heart for being so big, and now we can say, Soul: you take over. I trust you. Connecting from our soul will be at the forefront of our lives.  222 mind body soul.

We are healing—collectively and personally. If we are true to self and accept and then honor and reflect that out to the world, that’s a protective shield.
With this, great innovations are in route; they are in the pike.

A teacher and friend John Carroll, a very magical being, would laugh at the curiosity seekers that would come to him. They would challenge him. They weren’t true seekers, (what I mean by that is someone ready). I do notice if I do something out of curiosity verses being fully in with it, it kills the cat. I mean, what’s the point anymore. Do it.

A story

A very potent number in my life. I was born at 2:22 p.m. I also connected to my father through the repeated 222. This became very strong when he passed. Born in 1922, weighing 2.2 lbs, and was a 22 life path in numerology. He survived 2 merchant marine ships that went down. Then the 2’s really came in, after he had a cerebral hemorrhage on 2/22/1993 – added together 1993 is a 22.  I clocked out of work at 2:22 pm. He passed 2 days later. I went back to work 2 weeks later and recounted with a friend and coworker some of the magic of the past 2 weeks. While speaking about it, the weather changed dramatically, the skies turned dark and the wind starting whipping. Then it rained for a few minutes and stopped. We looked at the clock and it was 2:22 pm.  When I see the number I pay attention. Like many do with 11:11 and 12:12 and all repeated numbers. You can’t get it wrong as it will keep occurring. You can slow it down though. Be ready—seize the shit out of 2022.

Get a Reading

August lion’s gate 2023

30 minutes for $44

This can change the course of things. Really really really. There is so much power in walking away with one thing, which you will—creating the rudder for your intention.

Nobody has the power to take two steps together,. You can take one step at a time. Step by step, one step at a time one can go 10,000 miles. 

~From The Tao  ~

Isn’t it nice to know, you can take your time and enjoy your journey? Often we need some direction on the path. To then place the rudder with the conviction of a newfound perspective, as it’s mesmerizing to get swept in directions that aren’t exactly what the soul is calling for.

One of my strongest gifts is that of a producer, encouraging the vision to the top.

How to book

  • Email andrea@arichproduction.com: include timezone, and desired dates. I will get back within 24 hours to set up a call. You will confirm with venmo or paypal.
  • Direct pay via Venmo: @Andrea-Rich-7


*Paypal – via friends and family only:




Show me a Sign – seeing life in 360 – 5 week group course

Based on ask and you shall receive, we will place your feet on the ground and your heart into heaven. Part of my Divine Design Lab series.

In this exploration we will be diving deeply into the never ending support & collaboration with Mother Earth and the animals. This course is about respect…

Course cost: $111.00

Direct pay via Venmo:   @Andrea-Rich-7

Paypal :  https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/ARichPro

Calls  5 Thursday’s

To make this a no brainer, if you are unsure of what is being offered and want to check it out, a full refund is available by notifying me by the end of the day one day after the first call on 1/22.

Each Week on the live recorded calls:

  • play with a different breath and animal
  • experience content nudging you to open up and create a new perspective – designed to give you an a-ha.
  • receive a mini reading every week

Each week you will receive an email preceding the call and a following email with the recording. I will be available via email for questions. Some of which I may answer on the next weeks call.

More about:

Group calls are so powerful! Get ready to receive… Some soul craving, inner contentment, outer riches. We will be accessing the language of the soul. ~The ways of the breath. The wiles of the animals. The inner design that creates the outer reality.~ Show me a sign is an empowerment course.

facebook live readings 9.18.2020 @ 2:30 pst / 5:30 est

2019-01-10 12.15.28

This will be announced on a facebook live gathering Friday 9.18.202o  – mersur live

Now Read This– Zoom Workshop-

  • This pay what you wish workshop will be live on zoom.
  • Everyone will be able to ask a question as I will give mini reads to all.
  • This is for you if you are seeking how to manage your energy, your personal flame, and want to ask a question in a group setting of like souls. You are ready to kickstart something, and you may not even know what it is!
  • I have recently been in a huge relocation in all ways. As I write a roadrunner just walked in front of my window and stopped. That is a super take charge animal! So i write, the next few months are game changers and a real take charge time.
  • Date and time to follow. Based on my gathering the group together.


If interested email me:

andrea@arichproduction.com or call 917.524.8962

From Agni Sar newsletter, continued excerpt from I AM THAT

Q: One more question. Why does pleasure end in pain?

M: Everything has a beginning and an end and so does pleasure. Don’t anticipate and don’t regret, and there will be no pain. It is memory and imagination that cause suffering.

Of course pain after pleasure may be due to the misuse of the body of the mind. The body knows its measure, but the mind does not. Its appetites are numberless and limitless. Watch your mind with great diligence, for there lies your bondage and also the key to freedom.

Q: My question is not fully answered: Why are man’s pleasures destructive? Why does he find so much pleasure in destruction? Life’s concern lies in protection, perpetuation and expansion of itself. In this it is guided by pain an pleasure. At what point do they become destructive?

M: When the mind takes over, remembers and anticipates, it exaggerates, it distorts, it overlooks. The past is projected into the future and the future betrays the expectations. The organs of sensation and action are stimulated beyond capacity and they inevitably break down. The objects of pleasure cannot yield what is expected of them and get worn out, or destroyed by misuse. It results in excess pain where pleasure was looked for.

Q: We destroy not only ourselves, but others too?

M: Naturally, selfishness is always destructive. Desire and fear, both are self-centered states. Between desire and fear anger arises, with anger hatred, with hatred passion for destruction. War is hatred in action, organized and equipped with all the instruments of death.

Q: Is there a way to end these horrors?

M: When more people come to know their real nature, their influence, however subtle, will prevail and the world’s emotional atmosphere will sweeten up. People follow their leaders and when among the leaders appear some, great in heart and mind, and absolutely free from self-seeking, their impact will be enough to make the crudities and crimes of the present age impossible. A new golden age may come and last a time and succumb to its own perfection. For, ebb begins when the tide is at its highest.

Q: Is there no such thing as permanent perfection?

M: Yes, there is, but it includes all imperfection. It is the perfection of our self-nature which makes everything possible, perceivable, interesting. It knows no suffering, for it neither likes nor dislikes; neither accepts nor rejects. Creation and destruction are the two poles between which it weaves its ever-changing pattern. Be free from predilections and preferences and the mind with its burden of sorrow will be no more.

Q: But I am not alone to suffer. There are others.

M: When you go to them with your desires and fears, you merely add to their sorrows. First be free of suffering yourself and then only hope of helping others. You do not even need to hope– your very existence will be the greatest help a man can give his fellowmen.

From Chapter 59

Always so much to get from the teachings. One kernel ….

Retreats 2020~ Info for Winter


A profound afternoon of reclaiming power with ritual and sound integration

A modern day ritual~ for your well-being;

a time to honor earth, embodiment, and inner mastery

In this retreat we:

Reclaim language. Revisit our ancient tribal essence where we allow space and awareness to emerge. We invite the Emperor archetype, and play in its profound energy of authority and leadership.

The insights that have arisen for humanity regarding the Divine Feminine now evoke a time of merging. So in our retreat we bring into focus whatever limits we have around power and leadership. Wherever our inner authority has been sabotaged and blocked our creativity. Freeing us powerfully for the year.

At the Movement & Learning Center Sunday – from 12- 4:30

90 Biltmore Ave, Asehville

Above French broad Coop

$35 – normally $97

Bring a friend $53

Setting up your new year with 20/20 clarity! An afternoon immersion. Along with the Emperor archetype of the tarot, we will use breath work, sound, silence, and numerology.

Come immerse yourself in a powerful loving container. Dress comfortably as though you are going to yoga class. If you want to lie down during the sound integration (at least 30 minutes ) bring a yoga mat, blanket, etc. The room will be set up with chairs, and if you’d like a cushion you may want to bring one.  Bring some nourishment, water, snack or lunch. As we will break for 15 minutes. Food Coop is downstairs if you need anything.








Inception for Redesign 2020

Uncovering the Narrative

Great design simplifies a very complicated world.

If you’re not realizing a dream, 7 years is a long time. Bjarke Ingels

I’ve just come upon the beginning of year 7 in Asheville. So it’s game change time. Whatever I’ve come to know in this last phase of life is crucial. My awareness around just where I’ve been. And true to form, we have had to zoom way out. Personally I think the common human link now is that we’ve tipped ourselves on our axis and we are renovating.

My work requires another world to collide with. For me it started young with my mothers hoarding and lack of organization, and my fathers sometimes mercurial madness where he’d blast into a project. I do that. I had to make sense of my world and in order to be safe, I would recreate it until it was simple and beautiful.

So it’s been hard at times to solicit and share my gifts. It’s a happening.

2020 will be a relaunch. With laser focus.







Divine Design Lab & Lucid Sound Project teaming up!

Finally an event I am so happy to announce:

Together again~ Lulu and I have drawn together an offering so fully baked you absolutely do not want to miss it. Be a part of the inaugural flight of the work, which is less than a month away!

2 hour workshop ~ Sunday 4/7, 1- 3:00 p.m. @ Asheville Brain Training Office – 2124 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC (Arden)

Our intent is to leave you in a new
position of freedom
This is your boarding pass, a ticket to go inside
and bring out the treasures that await you.
There’s little need to go outside of yourself. This is
a space designed for you to find your own answers
within. Igniting your own Divine Design through
tarot, breathwork, and journaling. Completing by
integrating the day’s focus with a sound meditation.
This is your time to get clear / to dig in and
bring out what’s next.

This will be full on; 2 hours with deep purpose. Having repurposed the Divine Design Lab, I’m bringing new awareness around the tarot with theatre games using these archetypes. After an hour of going way beyond any personal grievances and living in your highest direction, you will relax into a sound meditation where you can truly soar and integrate.

Come and join the fun and bring a friend at a huge discount!

Much love

Space/ Ground/ Express – And our new narrative

I’ve been saying to myself and a few others… Got to vibe up. It’s time to gather and do that.

To sign up for the course use the donate button to the right here- It’s  $35.60

So it’s time for a 5 week class. One call a week: Starting March 6th- April 3rd. 5 Wednesday’s at 3pm. Class will go from 45 minutes to 1 hour, and will be recorded so you’ll get the recording.

This has been fiercely guided. Meaning I have to do it! ha ha. The old stories don’t work. We are going to exorcise ourselves from the unconscious temptation to live in an old story, and speak from there- This kills sustainable creativity. In our being we humans understand Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. The human experience has held and still may hold pain. This occurs wherever we are not integrated. That pain/ trauma is always hungry and ready to receive whatever benefits its gotten from the old story. So this is the clue to our course.

What if we are the clearing, our ground is how we embody our space, and we commit to the new narrative by our expression?

Let’s do this together, as a group. In community is where our future lies.

I will share a bit of story, and it’s only where it helps another.

The Tower gets our attention

Some of you may know, I grew up with a mother who loved to go to psychic fairs, and get readings. She was a radical in her own quiet way. The most profound experience I ever had with something like that was in 1995 in NYC, when I stopped in at a fair. I received a very brief tarot reading from someone I had never met. What got my attention was her saying, “Something in your life is getting ready to fall apart, and if it does it won’t be worth anything to you…does this make sense?” I looked at the cards to see what she was referencing and it was The Tower card. I knew in a flash this pertained to my house in Indiana that needed some attention. It was wild what happened next. Just by my awareness, the next week I had a phone call from someone wanting to know if I’d sell my house. Done deal.