Divine Design Lab

Divine Design Lab: The Launchpad

For artistic and creative entrepreneurs, to pull out divine gifts, bring them centerstage and into business for profitable results

If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams.
~Yann Martel, author Life of Pi

Homestudy Program Available – Click here

Pre-purchase allows you to bring a friend for free!! Besides, planning ahead commits you.
Day of event: $97 per person

Listen to an alumni experience~

An experiential day.
A game changer…a launch pad: To launch your vision; whether it’s a health and wellness plan, a project, or a business
Up level wherever you are at
Write your own myth ~ Wear your own clothes ~ Do your own calling
Authenticity and awareness acceleration course
Play a new game
Focus on and tune in to your vision
This means you get clear so you live your life fulfilling your dreams
You stay in motion, not stuck.

Designed for you to bring out your divine gifts, talents and vision and utilize them fully.

Have you had difficulty staying focused?
Do you have dreams that await their fulfillment?
Is it your time?
Do you not want to wait another year, month even a week?
~Not everyone is a quick start, and it takes a quick start to reach a goal.

Drop the unnecessary, step confidently and joyfully into a creative project, a business plan, or uplevel your life, where ever you’re at.

Your own workbook
Time to explore the power of sitting still for a moment, supported and guided
The power of the group
A way to say goodbye to what’s weighing you down
A new start
The kind of clarity that leads to profit
Live music
A special guest
Chocolate & some other munchies

It’s funny Andrea but I actually became a school nurse which was one of my goals! Thank u!!!
The moment I got clear as to what my work is truly based on, everything streamlined. I presented a very succinct and profitable workshop, where 50 % signed on as new private clients. I know that everything is possible now.

 Divine Design Homestudy
Workbook and mp3’s


BONUS: One ticket to Divine Design Lab, a $97 value
A Divine Design Lab Workbook with all the questions and encouragement to position you into that place “you so desire”.
This is a DIY fast track, a launchpad for your success.
Includes: Three mp3’s, over 3 hours of teachings
Act I: Completion
• Beliefs
• Creativity
• Leadership
• Doing what you love
• Meditation to Movement
• The Review
Closing with the super popular, Clear the Clutter
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