Readings are a place to meet, a space to fine tune…

Readings here

My mom took me with her to psychic fairs. She would get readings now and then. Sure was better than where my dad used to take me. Yoinks. Did I just say that? Many of the women had beehive up do’s. So cool. They were mainly psychics or mediums. Too bad the psychics didn’t tell my mom what my dad was up to.

My first reading was in NYC. I believe it was a psychic fair. I remember one thing. The tower card. She said, “Something needs your attention. You can either be proactive and take care of things and see what it is- alleviate a problem. Or do nothing, and what I’m seeing is you may have something in disrepair.”

So I thought about it. I owned a house in Indiana. I checked in with my ex, and things weren’t being taken care of.  Oh surprise. But we did  a little something, not recalling what. The thought crossed my mind that it may be time to sell. I didn’t want to encounter the Tower!

One week later I got a phone call, from a guy who was wondering if I wanted to sell my house. Timing was perfect.

Really it’s a place to be intuitive. To be invited to have a look, and that invitation provides quite an opening. The cards are living worlds.