The Star

Do you ever get the feeling of how exciting it is to be you? There is one you, designed to be you. Existence awaits as we drop imitation & live in our authenticity. This is the place where you are receiving star showers. The seeker has ceased, and one is at home. The ability to be absolutely present experiencing the here & now is the point of the star. Standing naked & vulnerable, self-esteem is at it’s healthiest. This powerful meeting….of finding your place in the world & acting from it! The star, with it’s Aquarian type nobility, transcends toil & luxuriates at the stream of consciousness. A goddess at the well, you with cupped hands dipping into your passion. Finding purpose & actually giving back to the earth to purify. What beauty is available here. Luminous & radiant. The ugliness of stress washing away along with the resistances that have kept us stuck. An utter acceptance emerges. Everything is right in Rome. Always has been, always will be. This new perception is your star power. Relax, shine on & be at home.

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