The Tower

You can either pay attention and take care of things, or things will take care of themselves. You can hear a call, an impulse, an inspiration, a warning, or not. When something’s time has come there is no stopping it. The tower purifies. It rearranges, gives attention, makes anew in it’s journey of cause and effect. Spirit animating itself can seem to have no regard for the ant and it’s anthill getting stomped upon, or the person on the mountain in a volcanoes path of molten fire. There is something lurking and it is existence. We have done this so many times, how can you know, but what you do know is that feeling that something is endless. Is it existence itself? Is it the seemingly endless incarnations? Is it the feeling of pursuing and pursuing to no avail? or to some avail then something else occurs. You are familiar with the saying, it’s always something. The generosity of the tower is it’s immense power of reconstruction. It is not shy, or self conscious. Drop resistance. Allow the purification and  be done. Call it. Exhale. Joyfully let go and let go…and let go………

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