The Hanged Man XII


How I can even write about it is beyond me, as it cannot be contained. I as I know it is not in charge. This is it. Here we are at the spiritual self. There is no turning back now. To stop choosing. The world must stop as you get in touch with the spiritual side.  If only for the moment- to get in touch with “yourself”. In other words…..there is no pretending any more that you are not a spiritual force (remember the last arcana) to be reckoned with. Oh yes when you taste the nectar you won’t want to engage in life as you have known it, with friends who’s  frequencies just do not align. So be it. Whatever it takes to get through, turning oneself upside like the bat to rebirth. Generally at this point of no return, and let’s face it you’ve been “dying” for this moment, you are ready and as said earlier it’s not a choice. You are messing with gravity here, taking your center to a new place. Your will, or ego is no longer as reachable from this position, and God’s will is at hand. Living in equilibrium w/ the forces of consciousness, this spiritual person, this hanged man must obey. This is the duty now. This demonstration of the Truth, I AM, being gravity itself, levitation, walking on water, demonstrating miracles upon miracles, being source to draw those not yet in touch of the nectar…This is the hangman.

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