Force/Strength XI


Deeply feeling your aliveness, your libido, the animal forces and materializing them. 11 is a master number. The is the beginning of your connection to being awake, to being whole. The first step toward healing is forgiveness, or another way of being with the term forgiveness is accepting things as they are. This opens the world, and when we are open we are alive. Like the Fool who is innocence, and in the moment experiencing everything now not based on skepticism or past experiences. Unity is force, inner conflict makes us weak. Serving several masters at once. Look again at the ii, togetherness. Recognizing the duality, but living, experiencing & honoring union. There is only one. Force or Strength is the link between idea and phenomenon. When you are with someone leaving their body, speak on the exhale and they can hear you. Force is not tension although it may be tense. It is strength; elan. Tension which appears like stress is ill placed. Creates disease. Recognize at your core wholeness and do your work. Go from the 2 to 1 and end your separation. Using pure radiating force to slay the jabberwocky, and be free.

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