Wheel of Fortune X


The end of a cycle. The wheel of fortune will help us pass on to another dimension. What follows after completion, the 9? 10 is perfection. A new regime, breakthrough. King Solomon had a vision and what he said after regarding prosperity is this, there is nothing better for a man that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. Rejoice! The wheel is hopelessly symbolic. It is up to us to make breakthroughs from the endless cycle of events and situations. It all starts in the mind and will end in the mind, unless aha moments occur. Rejoice! Walk in the ways of your heart. With the sphinx atop the wheel, the integration of man is at hand. The morphology of the lion, eagle, man and ox. Integration is crucial at this point in the tarot. Finally, come what may and take to heart that the vanities of youth only bring suffering.

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