The Hierophant V


Now that we have been considering with what we are aligning it is time to move onto The Hierophant, or The Pope in the Tarot of Marseilles. The Emperor is that moment of stability, and The Hierophant is entering spirituality. The V, moving beyond; deeply spiritual. Who has the authority to guide and to bestow blessings on humanity? What does that mean at this point in the tarot journey? Where do you receive benediction, and what is it exactly? It seems on the surface that The Hierophant is about being a student or a teacher, but on deeper scrutiny it is referencing who is the spiritual guide. The question then is, who are you entrusting with the deepest truths? I now know why it has taken me longer than usual to write this posting, because from where I sit I can only pose questions. If we can awaken at any moment, then why don’t we? Are we too attached? Have we found the proper pope (please note the small p) for our guidance? Where and to what are we dedicated? Perhaps if there is a contemplation of such questions then we can move forward to the Lovers (card VI) which is about doing what we love here and now.

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