The Empress III


The Empress, the explosion of creativity w/ no sense of direction. It is sacred or divine magic. Putting this into practice: that the subtle rules the dense. In other words, from super or divine conscious to the gross or material. Being in touch with our true nature. Faith, Hope, Love…the 3. She is the place of freedom, of Eternal Love. The wisdom of Love. The balance of giving and receiving love. Take to heart this vital importance, since harmony is attained from their very balance. Check in, meditate deeply on this point. Pull from the ultimate to the dense to create from the tree of life. There are 3 legs here, as it’s from expanding beyond the gathered experience, and not yet about stability. Faith is the source of magic power. The way of the Empress is of regeneration. De-intellectualize; one must do this to become a mage. Sacred magic is through life; the Mystery of Blood. The Goddess, the Mother.

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