High Priestess II


The High Priestess knows. She is a pillar. This is why in the Tarot deck of Marseilles she is seated. The Magician stands. She is the gathered experience. In the Thoth deck she is a character that is absolutely androgynous, with a sun and moon on the top of the head, the lower part of the body very yang, linear, masculine, while the top half is curvaceous, yin, feminine. This is collective awareness leading to a self trust anchored in the knowing, in the intuition. There is harmony & self containment. The camel on the card represents self-resourcefulnesss of having gone long distances and finding an oasis. Embracing the personality; preparing to love fully. The number 2, the shared experience, the checking in, the understanding that comes. The creativity and stability which will follow when you are self contained. Synthesis. This ability is imperative for society. An individual that can welcome someone back from the trenches and offer a space for integration before sending him home, which was typical in the times of temple priestesses, is a high service to the whole.

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