The Fool 0 as well as 22


The Fool represents who we really are. It is the state of no fear. The ability to be in touch with our courageous nature and give birth to new forms. Taking risks and trusting are the guides. This is the journey of the hero, and since the fool is the space between life and death it is mystical and transcendent.

Angeles Arrien writes in her book, The Tarot Handbook, that the Fool helps one to birth new feelings, new ways of transforming, new ways of creating well-being, and new ways of setting limits and boundaries to vulture like people and situations.

So get out there & take some risks. Develop the awe of a child as you anticipate and create new forms.

More than anything be conscious of what it is you want to begin anew.

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  1. I have a deck of cards from the 4 agreements, and have picked the same one the past 3 times! it has a picture of a cat with a ball of yarn and says
    Take Your Life and Enjoy it..then on the back:
    You are alive, so take your life and enjoy it. you were born with the right to be happy. to love, and to share your love. just to be-to take a risk and enjoy your life-is all that matters.
    Well so be it, that is the risk i am looking at with the help of the fool. sometimes for me, the bigger risks appear easier. like going to cuba, but risking to enjoy myself..i like that.
    This card is from the group Always Do Your Best. Just by sending out an email that i had to resend since the original link wasn’t active, i became agitated, but i had done my best, but i didn’t seem to get it. It takes away from vulnerability when i am hard on myself. Thanks again fool….another lesson. It’s something i need to understand inside of my being, on the feeling level not just intellectually.

  2. perfect timing: I’m just starting to embrace my creative process in collage form and loving it. Beginning anew, learning to honor it, myself, and the fun being brought in.

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