by Administrator on August 6, 2018

My current workshop

What is it?  ~ powerful and ancient ways to breathe for all of our types. Why is it so important? ~ it’s medicine.

And why do I feel that it is the next wave? ~ it immediately connects us to bliss, and you can do it anywhere.

We are always breathing. Breath is the conduit. To the extent that we really breathe, is the extent to aliveness. How much could we do if we got really ignited?

think about that!

I stand for a world wide moment that everyone stops what they are doing and consciously breathes together.



Zen of Performance class ~ Fri 6/25/18 ~10:15 a.m.

by Administrator on June 28, 2017

At the Asheville Percussion Festival

I am teaching a class to fine tune the intensive students going in to their performance Friday night.

~Points for optimizing on stage experience~

  1. fun exercises to get really present and have fun performing
  2. how to know you are prepared- what to work on now-
  3. what is your part- what are you responsible for
  4. letting go and allowing yourself to have the best experience -versus just self preoccupation- so the audience does as well
  5. how to check yourself before you go on
  6. have a checklist and a healthy way of reviewing the performance and inspiring take-aways to move forward with
3 solids from the above
  1. Integration space for the material
  2. Grooming for any personal questions and concerns
  3. Suggestions for how to review the show with a solid way to move forward


Article 2 – Fucked up in dodge- the entitled who take- including the voice of the female

February 12, 2017

Completing with the blame cycle Held hostage by a man Since the Women’s March, and the dream of my mother, a memory came into focus. One that I rarely if ever spoke about it. I was 18, and traveling in Brazil by myself, on a multi city ticket. I had flown from Rio to Fortaleza, […]

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Article 1 – Women’s March, a female perspective

February 12, 2017

Women can be together without persecution being triggered so strongly. Now we can really do something. I had a dream with my mother in it. She was a young woman, likely in her 20’s. Wearing lipstick in a shade that I’m currently wearing, salmon like. With horned rim glasses, and a smart black suit and […]

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[Podcast] The human will may be the most amazing thing in the galaxy – Episode 13

January 19, 2017

An interview with awesome tarot reader Holly Burger

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The Tower gets our attention

January 8, 2017

Some of you may know, I grew up with a mother who loved to go to psychic fairs, and get readings. She was a radical in her own quiet way. The most profound experience I ever had with something like that was in 1995 in NYC, when I stopped in at a fair. I received […]

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[Podcast] Taking Charge of Your Life – Episode 12 part 2 – Interview with JC

September 29, 2016

John Carroll gives visualizations answering your questions and concerns regarding various conditions.

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[Podcast] Taking Charge of Your Life – Episode 12 part 1 – Interview with JC

September 29, 2016

Imagery is the universal language of mankind.  An interview with healer John Carroll. To help access and bridge the gap with our soul’s intelligence.

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[Podcast] Taking Charge of Your Life – Episode 11 – Seriously Sirius and the Internal GPS

September 18, 2016

Doing whatever it take to keep Light. Breathing into the belly to ignite our own GPS.

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[Podcast] Taking Charge of Your Life – Episode 10 – Lion’s Gate

September 11, 2016

9.9.2016 ~ The Lion is roaring! We are all in the midst of massive change, re-calibration. Since the Lion’s Gate on August 8th until September 9th and now a Lunar Eclipse on September 16th. What is it that we are preparing for?

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