Yearly Message

2022- A year of Uncompromising Refinement

This is the year of the triple headed goddess. The merging of the cosmic dancer who is celebrating life without edit. You may have noticed as 2021 was coming to a close, all the ways that you’ve contorted yourself throughout the history of your life. The difference is noticing and watching is quite different than judging and persecuting. We may never be done getting aha’s from the lives we have lived. We can neatly put them in the  toolbox and better yet, have them at the ready in our personal tool belts.  It may even be appropriate to share them with others. Hierarchy be damned. It’s the new age.  Never before has it been so sexy to let our own designer be seen. Imperfections and all. Aka, Dorothy seeing the wizard behind the curtain.

We are all under the influence of the 222 with the zero. If you know me well, 222 is a primordial sequence of numbers in my life. And this is the year where the 0 comes in to activate it more than ever. Just know whatever is behind the curtain, and let’s agree on it for a minute that it’s our soul— ready, willing and able to be in charge. But you’ve got to ask your soul to come and get it. Ask and be bold to open the curtain.

It is a boundless universe. It’s time to truly play in it.

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2021- A year of Inner & Outer Design

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to kick the imprisonment of polarization. And since traumas are coming up to be dealt with, so is being polarized. The final curtain. Thanking it all and saying adieu. And now for the new year…

Words ~ Earth, Space, Organic, Sleek & Alchemy:

In Brief: Let the Earth inform us and our ways.  Pay attention now and listen to Gaia. As it is beyond ridiculous, clearly not sustainable, that we impose and disrespect the Earth- It  is no longer an option. Living in harmony with earth is the most important thing. Space is the place. Let a situation have some room, some breath. Have space for people, let go and allow. Organic is the approach. From materials to concepts.. Sleek – we will be more subtle and refined.  Acting in an elevated manner. We all have clean down  the surfaces. We have been invited to clear our mirror. It’s respectful. Alchemy is all of this, all of us working together. Creating then sustaining, and bringing it all together. Alchemy is a type of merging. As we light the pyre of what no longer serves, we merge vs run away from that which bedevils.

We could say a lot about leaving 2020. Many realities~ Some truly amazing, some really difficult. Physically it was clunky. Of course isolating- A dream for introverts, a curse for extroverts. I fall in between, and loved the down time. Emotionally the bar was raised. We have had to sort ourselves out.  We certainly had time for self analysis. On some level we are pushed to create, anew. And there is a lot of help on the information highway if one needs direction and support. By choice…we can move into this next year with greater personal responsibility. As by choice some seized their moments in 2020 to take transformation to another level.

There has never been a grander invitation to play inside of our imaginations.  Envision the world we want. And quit listening to everyone but ourselves. Hold your focus. And be very intentional.

I am not even going to speak on what 2021 may feel like. But what it may look like.

The words again : Earth, Space, Organic, Sleek & Alchemy…  5 words for a 5 year. These words are pointers to pattern our lives from. We are emerging as new humans.

Earth- It’s the great teacher. We want to love and respect it. Space- give it to thoughts, situations, people, and creations. Organic- from the earth. Sleek- from space. Alchemy- the magic of the blending.

Nature loves the odd number 5. It’s about adventure and freedom… Could be inner. And learning and unlearning. Guiding. Listening. Sharing without condition.

I’ll focus on the alchemy of organic and sleek. Honor the ancient, the indigenous, and bring in the new tech. To reference texture; what does a sleek space look like?

The ground is fertile. The earth is calling.  The plastic of yesterday of our own inauthenticity is dying off. The plastic in the landfill isn’t going anywhere. All that’s plastic – inauthentic – is part of a revolution in design. It won’t be ignored and must be used. Alchemy. Turning the shit show into our new life. Sleek – how to make it beautiful. Organic- pull from ancient wisdom. People are creating from homespun sources. Honor and respect it all. Listen for guidance.

2020 – Wow!  A rocking new decade

Here are 4 words: Genesis, Mastery, Sustainability, Responsibility

Navigating your own fire. Being deeply connected to your own genesis.

Going to self for answers – mastery.

Being in your rhythm & understanding how to – ensures sustainability.

Creating becomes exciting – responsibility.

As you are reading this you are likely very aware that you sure signed on for the wildest ride humanity has ever seen. Within this context, of deepening, expanding, releasing, revealing, and remembering…we have passed the point of no return.

Where self-love is the key to the kingdom. Where joy opens all doors.

2020: A 22 year. A 4 year. The Death card in the Tarot; absolute surrender to the old, and rebirth very quickly! the Emperor and the Fool in the tarot; blank canvas as we master inner authority and the outer expression of it..

2020. Big exhale. There is nothing and everything to say about this time. As many are referencing it’s a new decade, and a new paradigm. The renovations are happening. The human is under transformation. Self mastery is at our doorstep. A clear entry into the house of you, no longer a sacrificial doormat to step over.  Step over anything and it will bite you like the coiled serpent in your root. We have learned how to be with things. The age of resistance has sailed. The acceleration is here. Time is evaporating, and we have deepened.  What will we create?

This year could be the blank canvas. Could be as in what backlash remains for you? The backlash, or real difficulties due to conditioning, it’s more about how do we greet it all? We have the tools. Finally some understanding has come if we reread Rumi and Osho. That everything is welcome, we are all one, there’s so much to discover in any experience. A richness in the most terrifying and sorrowful. We get to stand tall, loving ourselves and dropping our issues with others. There is no over there. We are redefining human, and we are redefining responsibility.

2019: A 3 year. A 12 in the tarot. The hanged man; busting through being suspended or stuck!

Halelujah! This year is most welcomed! We are the creators, let’s act like it. Even when you are stuck, what is creating that? It may just be some stuff to let go of. Not to make it or anything a big deal. It’s also the pig in Chinese Astrology. The pig is generous, fun loving and benevolent. Just be clear on motivations and take your own space, find your own ground, and express thyself. The world is waiting for you.

2018: A 2 year. An 11 in the tarot. The strength to accelerate consciously!

This gentle giant of a year is at our command. The energies abound to be innocent to find strength. Cooperate with the life that is destined, and is attempting to get our attention. There is that unique creative flow that is available by honoring agreements. Living in personal harmony. Conscious partnering is the direction. In all relationships. Like the number 11. Two people standing side by side. Dancing. Out of blame and honoring personal expression. Since it is the year of the dog in the lunar calendar, the key word that I keep hearing is value. The loyal dog who keeps loving no matter what. What does it take to respect and value this amazing attribute?

2017: A one year. A 10 in the tarot. Great fortune in knowing thy self!

There’s a lot of fire. New beginnings. You know what that means. Truly surrendering the outdated past. Let go. It’s a fierce year for deeply personal convictions. The divine masculine is going to show the way through action. Get inspired and manifest from there.

A year of Completion, 2016. The re-visit year then move forward. Recalibrate year. And it’s the Chinese Fire Monkey. ooh ooh who are you?

2016: Is a 9 year in the Numbers. This is completion on every level. Leadership is being redefined. Individuals stepping more fully into who they are. The Divine Feminine is emerging as the force. There can be more chaos as untruths rise to the surface. There’s discrimination to this year. We are at the end of a cycle.

Knowing really knows. That’s such a strange line! I was going to write, no one really knows. So there it is. I am going to leave what came out instead, knowing really knows, and choose to meditate on this. There is a knowing deep within that views everything without judgment.  Accepting every part of ourselves is a huge gift and let it be so in this year of great spiritual awakening. We are amidst profound change. The ending of a cycle. Be supple. Let go, and allow life to be even more majestic than the little self could imagine. Maybe completion looks something like this:

This being human is a guest house. Every moment a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture. Still treat each guest honorably, he may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. – Rumi

A year of POWER. 2015, an 8 year, Justice. It’s the Green Wooden Ram- It’s time to get out from under the influences!

2015: Is an 8 year in Numerology- The year for balance. Make any and all adjustments necessary so you can move forward without burden. Reclaim power. You are self responsible. Your faith is strong.

This is it. It’s the year that we thought 2012 would be. We are in in the New Age now. How does it feel? For better or worse time has accelerated and we are all in the whirlwind. Many have changed residences and to be sure there is sincerity for a real change of heart. Where it sticks. Last year was about finding our personal philosophy. So what are the energies for this year?

We are almost to the end of a cycle, as we are in an 8 year, and there are 9 years per cycle. Let’s hope we have learned some lessons in the past 7 years. The 8 will recalibrate. The 8 is Justice in the Tarot as well as the Star. Let’s start with Justice, who she is and what she offers. Justice loves beauty. She is the high court of natural law. This is cosmic law that breaths in life and exhales karma. She gives you what you need according to your own thoughts words and actions of the previous years. It’s not personal. It’s about bringing everything into balance. What a tall order. It can be chaotic. But the result is power. The result is access to the abundance that is everywhere.

I have to mention the Star since she is the XVII, 8. She is after the Tower. Last year was literally a 7, 2+0+1+4= 7 which is the Chariot, but I could not deny that the energy of the Tower the XVI, 16 (7) was the most dominant last year and its influences were happening everywhere. So as you see, we don’t experience the numbers in a rigid literal way. I am convinced that we all must evolve and transform. You do not have the luxury of being stuck and rigid any longer. The days of the white picket fence are gone. This year is an 8, 2+0+1+5=8, and since the Star is part of the 8 family, if you’ve done your work your self esteem should be another result. Relating to being a star and whatever that means to you.

In honor of the Chinese New Year we will be welcoming in the Green Wood Ram. It’s a good year to come out from under any influences of indebtedness, and not tolerate being scapegoated. As a power year, this perspective may accelerate ones ability to earn by finding inherent value in oneself. Clearing debt whether physical or mental will open new vistas.

2014, a 7 year. From the Tower XVI to the Star XVII. That is it. If I am not for me, who will be?

After much deliberation this is where I’ve landed in 2014. We are in the Tower until we are not. Collectively and personally. The Tower is number 16 in the tarot, which is a 7. It’s not a simple year. It’s not just the Chariot, the number 7. It’s the full blown tower and all lies, deceits, misperceptions must go. As I write this it’s already April. It’s the 24th and the Grand Cross is in full affect. It took awhile to truly get a pulse on where we are. Now I write, dedicated to the pursuit of this: If I am not for me, who will be?

Let’s tell the truth. Let’s not tell a story. Let’s say yes or no, and keep moving. Let’s speak direct. Let’s ask questions directly without ulterior motives. Drop the idea that you have problems. Drop the trickery that there is anything but right now.

The Tower, with much mythology. Get out of the burning building. Take care of business. Play real and play big. Turn completely away, with disinterest, to any story or situation that is false. It’s time to get real, play in a field of the strength of vulnerability. The power we all have been looking for lies in our ability to take care of our own castle. Take care of your own domain and then and only then can you empower another.

Trust this: what follows is the Star. Full esteem, power and radiance, from the place of truth and justice. You will be in the center.

Here’s a quote by Sydney Greenstreet’s character in the Maltese Falcon:

I do like a man that tells you right out he’s looking out for himself. Don’t we all? I don’t trust a man who says he’s not.

Happy Chinese New Year- 2013. The black water snake!

I have been getting impressions recently, and no better time to write since the Chinese New Year has dawned. I keep getting the sense that some shit is going to hit the fan socially this year. That a lack of integrity is going to finally catch up with people and that those of us who are dedicated to self awareness and the bigger truth will finally experience some ease in our own socioeconomic positions. I believe that when it comes to contracts and business agreements everyone needs to be particularly cautious. It’s the caution of an eagle. A laser discernment. Consequences will be quick and preparation will be rewarded. Go to your own lofty heights to see the biggest picture. I’m calling this the seekers time. All this dedication is being lifted up in a vortex- a white tornado of truth, and much will settle and become clear for people. Although rewards are not sought on this path, I’m giving credit where it is due-not to shear determination and will, which produce results, but to those of us who hold and tend to that bigger picture, quietly some times, and have been waiting for more to awaken to it. On rereading this, there is no accident I wrote about  a snake and an eagle. This symbol shows up on the Mexican flag. In looking up its meaning, the Aztec felt they had found their home when they saw an eagle with a snake in its mouth. May this be true. That on our search we find our true home.

Moving Forward in 2013~

So, as a 6 year, with the emphasis on community and sharing, how do we as writers and entrepreneurs share our content and be protected at the same time? My greatest teachers continually pay homage to their teachers. I wouldn’t be where I am without the shaping of others. The first thing is to dedicate where things come from. The second is to protect. This pertains to your body of work, your unique spin as you assimilate what you’ve learned.  When you share your personal work, not regurgitated material,  a creative license needs to accompany it. Beyond that there is little you can do. You have to give credit where it is due. The web can be a big mess, don’t get in trouble as there will always be consequences. Acknowledge that there is nothing new under the sun, acknowledge that your particular slant on things is valuable and unique, and acknowledge your teachers. This is a path of humility and of excellence.

Happy 2013!

2013 is a 6 year. This is a year for community, for relating and sharing ideas. This is not the year for isolation. Get your alone time as needed, then quickly jump back in. Many things will come together. Plan out your year, which is what I’m doing. See you vision and take the steps to actualize is. Get support. Be real with yourself and others and let nature deliver. It’s The Lover in the cards. Doing what has heart. Be courageous, and create situations with others that helps you stretch. The first day of January this year is an 8. We launch the year with Justice. The highest card for the balance of power. Surrender is a key word for this time. It’s the reminder to surrender the smallest agenda, and give over to the creative forces. Practicing this will keep you humble, will actually connect you more to your power as long as you stay true to your vision.

I am going to do something a little differently this year. Likely, I will do a lot different this year. Everything must point to the same end with as little wasted energy as possible! This blog site has been created as a go to place for reminders of what is happening in the numbers, with ways to clear obstacles so that clarity is the result. It’s all about clear vision for me. Within my programs we work with your vision, that which you are creating. When a committed decision is made many things come up to resist the idea. It’s who you have to become to make it happen that is worthwhile. Transformation is the measure. This is it: clear the obstacles, create your vision. Almost always, a  lifestyle practice is created, because this supports vision. We all need support, someone to hold you accountable and direct your vision.

Monday December 31, 2012- a 3 day, The Empress, in truth it’s a 12 day-The Hanged Man

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!  It’s been 6 months of writing these posts! We are closing out 2012, with the perfect card. The Hanged Man. The real message of this is SURRENDER. Surrender Dorothy..This is the state of surrender of breaking old patterns that bind. What is a resolution really? If it’s a reminder, a nudge to pay attention to a way that is calling you. Let’s name it a wake up call. Your soul is calling you. It’s trying to get your attention through all the nonsense. Our hearts are flighty, but our disciplined self is our discernment and with even a miniscule amount of effort here can affect great change. Be in charge of this one area, be the change, let go of the shore, let go of the cliff wall, let go of the old. Here is an outrageous yet powerful  suggestion: Let go of weak sentiment -Wow!

And since i missed last week, Monday, December 24, 2012-it was the 5- the Hierophant. Teach what you’ve studied. In other words, don’t miss opportunities to share what you’ve experienced.

And from the Empress- Nourish your creations and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday December 17, 2012- a 7 day, The Chariot

Be still, then move. Take a moment with whatever it is that is propelling you into motion to follow a first voice and see IT into action. This way you allow a more natural way of moving to become a habit. We want to be more natural. We want to flow like a river. A river doesn’t doubt its course. Move confidently in the world. As the Chariot you are in charge of your senses and what they are seeking. You hold the reigns.  If you find that they are causing trouble then wait, and be guided by a greater intention.

Monday December 10th, 2012- a 17 day- The STAR!!!!!!!

Love love The Star. I look at these players as heroes.

definition of hero |ˈhi(ə)rō|
noun ( pl. -roes)
a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
• the chief male character, heroine if female, in a book, play, or movie, who is typically identified with good qualities, and with whom the reader is expected to sympathize.
• (in mythology and folklore) a person of superhuman qualities and often semidivine origin, in particular one of those whose exploits and dealings with the gods were the subject of ancient Greek myths and legends.

How does this relate to the star? It’s an understanding that I write about. A proper understanding.  The star is the abundance of self esteem. Confidence that showers upon us validating our life situations. There is a solidity to the here and now. That these NOW’S multiply and become a beautiful strand of pearls. A strand that you want to wear. Composed of NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. Being alive and awake here and now.

Monday December 3, 2012- it’s an 11 day – Strength.

Say a big hello to December, and with all your resolve unite the forces within you and be a creator. Whatever you are putting your attention into make sure it is with all you’ve got. The alternative is lackluster, hesitancy, aimlessness, missing the mark. Call forward the energy as though you mean it. Feel yourself contributing, and know it is coming from the deepest place within. Let it be an example of how you want to be in 2013.

Monday November 26, 2012- it’s a 6 day, or 15- The Lover and The Devil

How can it be that the lover and the devil share the number 6? The lover having so much to do with how we relate, where we look for community, and being true to the most important relationship- the one with ourselves. The Lover respects humanity. The Lover does not take for granted that this is a free ride of entitlement because we are people. We need to understand humanity. That it takes great courage to stand tall, and respond to this life experience from a place of being a student of truth, and not of betrayal. Where do you betray yourself? The Devil shines laser awareness to face ourselves. To quit messing around making things worse. To develop discernment so we stay true, that our word means something, that we quit lying to ourselves.  That we operate from the intelligence of our own experience. It takes great guts to let our hair down and find this freedom.

Monday November 19, 2012- an 8 day, Justice in the cards.

Justice is balance as well as adjustment. Ask yourself if you need to find more balance. Don’t procrastinate on this subject. No one will do it for you. If you stand in the middle of a feng shui compass, and look in 8 directions around you, what you will find is to each side there is an equally forceful opposite side. ~Wealth, family, career, fame, commitment, knowledge, travel, and creativity~. Health is the interplay of them all. It does not occupy its own space. That is so interesting. We are a balancing act. After each and every action you will find results of that action. Then you can adjust. Life isn’t a waiting game. Adjust where necessary.

Monday November 12, 2012- a 1 day, The Magician.

Boldly begin anew. Make a decision right now in this moment to drop one thing that doesn’t work. Then commit. I mean it. Tomorrow if you are still doing it, you are lazy. Then tomorrow, ask yourself to drop being lazy, love the desire enough to commit to that, and so on. Don’t let yourself off the hook. Tough love yourself into greater existence.

Monday November 5, 2012 -3 day, Empress as well as 12, The Hanged Man in the cards.

This is your day, your week to create. First accept things as they are. Suffering will surely take hold if you are operating from a position of wanting things to be different than they are. Work tirelessly at clearing your lens to experience life as it is, and create from there. This can be the highest transformation, a rebirth, to truly be in the place where life reaches “you”.

Monday October 29, 2012- 8 day, Justice in the cards.

Hello to this very extraordinary and catastrophic week. Justice, the scales, the weights and balances. We experience everything from our perspective, from where we are at. With such upheaval, the opportunity comes to see what is important. Please take a minute and weigh out some things. See if your own load can be lightened. We all want to be helpful, and the best help is to be unencumbered.

Monday October 22, 2012- a 1 day, The Magician, as well as a 10 day- The Wheel of Fortune.

It’s fun when a Monday is a one day. New beginning full of potential. Think about it. We are potential. That’s what energy is. Ready to be directed. The unmanifest awaiting instruction. A new beginning every day. Every moment is at your service, not yet  defined. You define it. You label it, react to it- the given circumstances of your life, make it what it is. It might have been something else. The Magician, aligns the potential, the truth with thought, with  word, and finally with deed. What do you do with the moment? The Wheel of Fortune, is constantly responding to any available person or event, answering the actions. This is the place of opportunity. Center yourself. Pay attention. Be able to answer the question: What are you good at? What doesn’t make you tired? What might you take for granted? Know who you are and ride your golden lion of opportunity.

Monday October 15, 2012- a 3 day The Empress in the cards, as well as a 12 the Hanged Man.

What has your focus? We are always creating something. In what direction is your creative energy going? Go to the well. Dip your cup deeply and without edit fill yourself. Let life course through you. A cupped hand does not clutch. See what wants to be created through you. Take yourself out of the equation, if that’s the problem. Answer to the higher impulse. Come what may.  A new perspective is absolutely necessary as the Hanged Man dominates this 3 day. It is essential to give in to thy will. Check personal will at the altar.

Monday October 8, 2012, a 5 Day- The Hierophant in the cards.

Are you experiencing your inner hero? The disciplined self who doesn’t lay blame, but takes total responsibility? What do you see as you look around you? What is your perspective as you gaze outwardly? What motivates you? The hierophant, holder of sacred knowledge, reminds us that everyone is a teacher. It has to be this way. Everyone is a character in each one of our plays, enacting their roles due to your divine direction. This direction coming from whatever life lessons are up for you. Be careful, don’t look for faults in others. Take all of your scrutiny and turn it to your personal growth. Understand what motivates you and act accordingly. Forget the other, unless of course you are loving them.

Monday October 1, 2012, a 7 day -The Chariot in the cards.

Take time to be quiet. To be still. Even if it’s staring out a window. That works well for some. If it’s possible sit with eyes closed, focus inward, and go beyond the thoughts. Let whatever comes, come. Watch it all. If you get hooked, watch again. A few minutes here if practiced regularly adds up over time. Then see what impulses come to take action on. Seize a moment of clarity and ride your chariot from the silence.

Monday September 24, 2012, a 2 day – The High Priestess, and also an 11 -Strength.

What have you been led to believe will be the consequences of your thoughts and actions? ARE these truths? If not, they encourage the dream even more.  We haven’t been encouraged to see things with clarity. This has been cultivated for so long. Where does our strength lie? In clarity and focus! Being devoted and dedicated and standing in truth! Wake up, wake up wake up through getting clear! If we think in results then we miss the possibilities. If we aren’t game for what’s possible, we won’t change the game, we won’t play, play big, and better yet enjoy this Play. This awakening can lead to the understanding: we don’t meditate, consciousness meditates. We are not the doer. How to understand that? Not with the mind. Our job: get clear, let consciousness do what it does through us.

Monday September 17, 2012, a 4 day, as well as a 22 day. The Fool and The Emperor.

Happy Holy Day! We enter today with The Fool, the number 22, the master builder. The Fool recruits because he is intoxicated by life itself. The Emperor leads and gives structure aligning to the greatest good. Where are you in command from? Look at your surroundings. Where do you conduct your business from? Do you like the set up? Are you facing a wall or open to the world? Are you open for business? Is it inviting to others who share your intention? Does it demonstrate how capable your are?

Monday September 10, 2012, a 6 day The Lover, also a 15 day which is The Devil.

Today I will write about The Devil. When we ask ourselves what we want to do, especially when we ask what we love to do we have to face things that come up. This is The Devil. To face ourselves, and no longer run. What do we run from anyway? These are the questions. Short and sweet. To let our hair down and create by putting our effort, our energy in a direction because it’s passionate. The passion of being fully involved, not willful- ignited, not imposing- but overflowing. Ahhh. Look at yourself directly, ask what it is that you may be running from. Stare it down with the light of love, and it will run, it will dissolve.

Monday September 3rd, Labor Day, and Justice in the cards.

Justice has been cycling and showing up on Monday’s quite frequently! Today and this week, feeling the importance of honor and law- what law really means. Natural law, that is the way things actually operate, function, nature herself. There are symbols of justice, but we are going to look at nature. We are going to look at the Goddess Maat, whose feather of truth presided over all. There is much order when you watch a gaggle of geese, a murder of crows. Crows specifically have jobs and work within their group accordingly. They work together. When traveling in Alaska, there was story told to me of ravens who found a whipped creme can, and each one took a turn at both jumping on the can to release the creme and eating the creme. We must be a team- Understand what part we play. This helps clarify our purpose. Even in your yoga practice or whatever practice you have, does it fit and compliment your life? If not make an adjustment. I will quote my great teacher, Shri Brahmanada Sarasvati…”Don’t misuse, underuse, overurse or abuse. Instead find proper use.” Whatever is your design,  find how best to use “yourself.”

Monday August 27, 2012, Nameless in the cards.

This is powerful as Nameless reminds us to go beyond identity. That the attachments and memories act as traps that can divide, polarize us and create conflict. That all true and real paths lead to ‘ROME’ so to speak, to source. All rivers journey to get to the ocean. Along the way is our adventure, the experience unique to each one of us. Where this experience is what truly enlightens us, makes us a master. Apply this teaching from beyond. For one day even, see a bird, a tree, a flower and forget about what kind it is. With a family member, forget their relation to you or yours to them. Be light and formless, just for a day. Just for an hour. Just for a minute. Be in the adventure without label.

Monday August 20, 2012, The Lover.

The Lover has come around again! Could be worse. A reminder that, since it’s a 6, it’s about communing, harmony, healing, collaborating and groups. In this moment is your collaboration inward or outward? Do you need unadulterated time to yourself to commune with Spirit as you know it? Or is is time to go out and bring someone along with you? Is there a connection to make, someone on your mind? Go beyond if only for a moment. Commune. Maybe it’s in your garden with the flowers. Maybe it’s time to go to tea with a good friend. Whatever it is allow yourself to give it depth, stay awhile.

Monday August 13, 2012, Justice.

Summer… still here, yet there are signs of  its eminent departure. The scales of Justice puts us in direct contact to the high court of our lives. Where things are evaluated with great care, with laser discernment. We don’t have to wait for our own departure of life as we know it, because right here right now we can ask, “Is what I’m focusing on going to make any difference at the review of my life?” Consider that and know with complete faith that there is always opportunity to wake up to what’s most important, to what puts you in balance. Close your eyes and see a golden scale. On one side is your heart and the other side are your concerns. Replace those concerns with insights and possibilities that lighten the weight of that side of the scale until you feel yourself freeing up. It’s your right.

Monday August 6, 2012. Wheel of Fortune.

These cards are recycling, which like our lives shows that we always get yet another opportunity. The Wheel of Fortune wants to give to us, but if we change our position we aren’t located to receive. Are you changing your request? Are you just not sure? If that’s the case then consider asking for guidance in such a way that you trust the powers that be, that there is a force that knows and you can surrender. Just like shavasana, or corpse pose in yoga, be open for what is best and give up the idea that you know what it is. Your job is to center, and be reachable.

Monday July 30, 2012 The Lover in the cards.

We enter this last week of July with the Lover card, community, communing. Here are the questions: Are you doing what you love? Are you engaging yourself in whatever you are doing? How are you relating? Is it from expectations? Or do you choose to take care of yourself so you can offer who are you in your relations as opposed to demand unconsciously of others that they be something for you? Become aware so you don’t operate from some foggy motivation that may have been planted in you from someone else anyway.

Monday July 23, 2012. Justice.

Justice will ask you to balance. Maybe it’s a good time to find a way to delegate and free yourself so you are doing more of what you want to do. Take a moment and review. Weigh it out. On one side of the scale there is what’s important, on the other side everything else. With an eagle eye focus on the side that makes you feel lighter. Let the other stuff go, or find a creative way to take care of things. Be committed to freeing yourself by your own discrimination.

Monday July 16, 2012. The Wheel of Fortune.

The wheel is suggesting that you center yourself. From the center you will receive what is trying to come your way. You’ll notice it. . Stay on the rim, and you may be thrown by everything under the Sun. The Wheel relates to the Magician and the Sun and encourages you to align with your purest intent as you are a magnet. So be more aware of what you magnetize.

Monday July 9, 2012. The Hanged Man in the cards.

Let’s keep it simple. After all it’s the middle of summer, we just had a tremendous week of festivities, and at least here in upstate New York the weather is amazing. So wherever necessary look at things with a perspective that serves you. Wherever you know better, do better. Make adjustments so that you are not trapped in the same old behaviors. In other words take a fresh, unclouded vantage point. Apply everywhere. Take a moment, and rather than collect and gather information can you apply a perspective that you’d rather consider? Maybe you’ve been intending to get up earlier. So be it, tomorrow do it, it will give a whole new outlook on the day.

Monday July 2, 2012. The week of independence.  The number is 6- The Lover in the cards.

We launch this week with The Lover. Be love. Just be open. Be in a state of not knowing- allowing and accepting things as they are. Today do one thing you love to do, and let that fill you. Don’t come to conclusions. That is your personal allowance. I heard something quite appropriate to this yesterday from a great teacher- don’t suppress- sublimate instead. Enjoy.

Monday June 25, 2012. Today is a number 18 in numerology- The Moon in the cards.

It is Monday, the day ruled by the moon and it is The Moon itself. This is about reflecting, nurturing poetically, and emptying out to reflect purely. A practical approach:  Be nurturing to another by reflecting their best qualities and potential to them. Nothing less will do. Keep in mind truths are not in appearances. Go beyond the surface. Give your self fully through your own art. Think about the moon, without the sun it would not exist. With that in mind how do you respond to your life?