What’s happening????

I was fortunate to be in Florida for both passover and the eclipse on Monday the 14th.  After a wonderful weekend with my friend celebrating with the many people that flew in for her 70th birthday, we topped it off with passover at her daughters, then stayed up and watched the eclipse. What a great time. Now I’m back home, and this grand cross is scheduled for Tuesday. It’s going to be in the skies for about 6 months, and we all need to stay very present. It’s a potent time. There is a lot of information circulating about this event.

What I am sensing is this: whatever needs to come to the surface to be cleared will. Who will you be? Attached? That will be a problem. Take health for example. The linear way of fixing one thing after another, and giving over any power to another to be a part of this equation may not give results. The inner knowing inside every individual is being called to action now. Poor health is often the result of being attached to something that doesn’t serve. If we can observe whatever it is that we hold onto, this will give insight to what we are wanting to let go of in a very deep way. If we hold on we will be supremely challenged. So, that’s a practical perspective to look at if there is a sense of struggle. As simple and as difficult as this may be, it’s like the tower in the tarot. Letting go!

We need to really understand our own selves and get off the other. The focus is as always on ourselves. Take as much time as necessary in your cave, and emerge like a butterfly. Our filter is getting a tune-up. This very filter projects our movie onto the screen. This screen is is our contribution to life. It’s a great time to put the focus on the creation of new perspectives with a complete dedication to that, and settle for nothing less.