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Journal with Purpose

I’ve been writing journals since I was about 9. That’s quite a few hundred journals in my lifetime. I have to. To put words on paper, get things out, get to the root, and finally when an aha occurs I want to remember it.

This week, 3 different stories came to me. 1st was an interview with Ne -Yo, songwriter and producer. He had a lot of pent up aggravation as a kid after his father left, and his mom gave him pen and paper and said write it down.  The journals he began to write became the seed ground for his songs.

Here, part of a post from Humans in New York, “I was the youngest person in prison, so I withdrew into myself, and I started writing in a journal every single day. That journal became my world. I used it to figure things out, and one of the first things I realized was that I’d stopped being me. It wasn’t so much the crime that had landed me in prison. It was that I had decided to stop being me.”  Part of a powerful thread of stories from a neighborhood in Brooklyn that’s a hard place to get ahead. You may be following the miraculous story that is unfolding there starting with a young man, Vidal. It’s the greatest human story of the moment being broadcast.

I spoke to a friend the other day, we hadn’t talked in so many years. As we shared where we’ve been, we met in the NYC when she came to see my apartment as I was looking for a housemate at the time, she’s now out west and I’m in Asheville, we both referenced looking back at our journals and seeing how we had referenced things that we had forgotten and how some were playing out. I read something from 2004. These were entries I wrote while doing a play in Woodstock. I was so happy and wrote about how free and creative I felt. How someone had seen the play and wanted me for other plays and that he’d help me get my equity card. I had forgotten about that. And THEN amidst the journaling, I wrote go to Mt Mitchell, in Asheville NC, highest point east of the Mississippi. Planted the seed. I did visit Mt Mitchell last year. I went because a friend recommended it. I had no idea that I had it on my bucket list.

We are always creating. Always. Every thought, every word, every sensation. We are receiving and sending signals constantly. To have a place to write in that stream of consciousness way, with structure and support strengthens us at our core. It’s powerful.

Co-create consciously. The Power Journal.

Any journal story you want to share?

When pursuing leads nowhere..Part two of the Divine Feminine

Taken from Osho’s October newsletter on women:

Recently, Satya Nadella, the new Microsoft CEO, created a storm among working women with his casual statement at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing: “It’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will give you the right raises as you go along.…”

There was uproar among women in the Microsoft Corporation, who are paid overall 78% of what equally qualified men received, and all over the U.S. there were many comments and tweets condemning Nadella’s chauvinistic attitude. This remark in TIME magazine represents the bitterness of all women regarding the gender bias: “Smile pretty and don’t be so unbecoming as to ask for a salary bump. After all, a raise is a lot like a male suitor, and if you pursue it, you might just drive it away.”

When I read this, I had been writing about the divine feminine. I don’t know if a statement has ever felt so nauseating. I don’t feel it’s in the nature of women to pursue. It’s unnatural, and demonstrative of how completely out of whack it all is. It did propel me to look at where I’ve been in this kind of pursuit.  It just makes me shake my head. I can see the pursuit in my own family.

This fall I went to an art studio of a very established older male painter. My friend had worked with him, and she thought that maybe they needed more help on the sales floor and that I may be a good fit there. I went in and I walked through the gallery attempting to take in his work. I finally rounded a corner where only a few paintings were on the wall and there I sat. I began to experience a power in the work. I watched a video about his process. All very inspiring. I then was approached by the head coordinator, a female, and she and I connected beautifully. We walked out toward the painting studio where I met the artist, and something very surprising happened. I started to shift. It was so quick, almost imperceptible. The meeting place of our two energies, took me directly to a role of myself that I knew very well, that I suppose I used as a woman.  But I was watching it. This hadn’t happened in so long. I got such a read on how he was with women, and an even more important read how I had a deep pattern, a created character like Marilyn Monroe, to directly give this guy energy, give him what he wanted. To me this is the pursuit.

My parents were born in the early 20’s, and were very non traditional. I was in constant debate with my father growing up. We challenged each other. I felt completely safe in doing so. Now my mother used to hear from her mother that women were to be seen and not heard. I am one person removed from this attitude.

All I can really say is it is an interesting time to be female. To be anything for that matter. We are busting through stereotypes as fast as we can.  Shedding skins, breathing into personal freedom, longing to be true. I respect the giants of Feminism. I am doing my best to stare this cosmic joke right in the face.  It is deeper than any of us can truly comprehend. To have to defend women on any level is beyond ludicrous. Onward.

Putting two things together that don’t go: Conflict

Hello Hello Hello

I had an epiphany, an aha. I was troubled and I looked at it. I saw that I was rushing, and I caught it. What was I really in a hurry for? The thought was, “I didn’t make enough money tonight to stay this long and close up.”  Ahh. Well that may be valid in valuing my time, but not my energy. Then I thought if I had made money would I still be rushing. Likely. I see that we put things together, justify and defend things in this way. Make something mean something. It’s a trap. So, I wanted to be done, but it’s up to me to have quantitative moments. That’s like saying, now it sucks, but it will be better. There’s no better out there. The better can only be now. There’s no tomorrow, if right now I can’t be right now. Tomorrow will be a log jam from here. Conflict.

I’m declaring,  ” I will not be manipulated to make something mean something!” Everyone’s personal insanity. Dig in deeply enough and you can find what you’ve put together that gives you strife.

My Program is kick ass

SSSSOOOOOOOO I have been doing my own program, and it is kicking my ass. Wooo. Hooo.

<Dominic the Donkey Says:>

It’s truly a must have manual. For anyone who who is so familiar with working on yourself, this pulls it together. Go here.

MYOB Monday: how’s your sleep?

I have quite a checklist as to what informs me regarding my environment.

This feels potent: The direction you sleep. Head at the South, feet at the North. This is encouraged due to the magnetic pulls on the planet. Energy collects in the Northeast direction of ones home.

If any energy feels off, start here.

Mind your own business Monday: Is a Misfit another name for an Empath?

Unless you have found your natural inclination, your life is going to be a long, long tragedy, from cradle to the grave. The only people who have been blissful in the world are the people who have lived according to their own intuition and have rebelled against any effort by others to impose their ideas. Howsoever valuable those ideas may be, they are useless because they are not yours. The only significant idea is that which arises in you, grows in you, blossoms in you. ~Osho

I believe this to be truth, although a little harsh it is certainly a good kick in the pants. We take nothing with us but this very thing Osho is talking of.

I do think the empath is the the misfit. Feeling things ever so strongly and acutely, the misfit gets bombarded. So many deeds done on this planet that are despicable, a misfit would never dream of that. Who would torture anything? The misfit has been so busy torturing his or herself!

If you are totally down with that last line, this is your life. I declare it’s time fly free, and be truly loving to you.

Why is bullying so strongly in the foreground?  We’ve all been imposing. Endlessly offering advice, and endlessly bombarded. Sometimes it’s been the only way to feel in control. It’s clear that a bully is insecure, and it seems that finally following the crowd is losing its charm. You can’t watch a show anymore where the celeb isn’t saying, just be yourself. It’s actually trendy now to be yourself, however that is. Hilarious really. We ride the tides of the collective, as well as our own personal rhythms. Its’ a lot to manage!

Imposing is a big bad stinky habit. It demonstrates a lack of trust. It’s got to stop. We don’t know the biggest picture. We are always being guided to take care of our own business. That’s enough, isn’t it? It should be good news.

My whole platform now is built on personal experience.  I encourage from this fertile ground. Brush all the webs of interference away, and reveal your sculpture. It’s interesting, it’s unique, and it’s based on your trials and your understandings.  I want us all to come out of hiding, and I feel this year has all the necessary support to do so. One of the big problems facing us all is we have turned away from the very thing that we’ve been looking for.

What is that? I believe it has everything to do with where our superpowers reside. ooh la la.

Until next time….

Completion…sets us free

The ego keeps us incomplete. Thrives on it for survival. Makes experiences its own, and is that voice that has us doubting,

So…completeness is our birth rite. How to feel it and experience that. How about abundance? That too is our birth rite.

I had a very powerful visualization of my grandmother opening a safety deposit box. Inside of it was money and jewels. She stepped aside and said it’s here for you. A dragon was in front of it and when I saw it, something inside of me said no more guarding this and be gone! It disappeared in a puff. I am left with the feeling that whatever is guarding our treasure for us is just waiting for us to be ready to claim it. Since I am embarking on selling and finding  a place for many things that I’ve been the guardian of for a long time, it’s up to me to own the price I place on it or the ability to give it as a gift. Own the feeling totally, not the property and let it go.

There is something to completing. It is the symbol of wholeness. We don’t lug around unfinished business. What a nice visualization. When you need something go get it. You don’t have to mire through the murky shadow of a pesky mind saying that you’re not enough or you didn’t do it right, or it’s not for you. It’s all for all of us.

Entertain this for 2013: Napoleon Hill on being born with two envelopes

As Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, taught about creating wealth he shared his belief which I believe he got from Carnegie. He said that we are all born with 2 envelopes. It’s up to each one of us how we use them.

Contents of envelope one: Taking control of your own mind and direct it to ends of your own choice:

  1. sound health
  2. peace of mind
  3. a  labor of love of your own choice
  4. freedom from fear and worry
  5. a positive mental attitude
  6. material riches of your own choice and quantity

Contents of envelope two: Price one pays for neglecting to take possession of the mind and direct it:

  1. ill health
  2. fear and worry
  3. indecision and doubt
  4. frustration and discouragement
  5. poverty and want
  6. a whole flock of evils-anger, hatred, jealousy, superstition etc….

Let this act as a reminder for even one moment, that we literally only control one thing, and that is which thoughts we focus us.  It’s indeed a full time job. One of my teachers recently said, “Avoid the mental plane at all costs!” Peace of mind is not selfish. Excuse yourself politely from situations where you’d have to engage in too much thought. Truth purifies, untruth complicates. On it goes. You decide.

To keep the conversation going, at least from Napoleon Hill’s pov, have a clear description of your major desire, a circumstance or position which you will accept as your idea of success.

Ask what limitation you have set up in your mind.

Ask what limitation you have let others set up for you.

Finally, what precisely you will do in return for what you ask. This may be work. This may be giving money in a charitable fashion.


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