Have you ever wished there was a manual for living the life you want?

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You'll get a guidebook and course page with 22 audios that target every aspect of your life, clearing obstacles and breaking patterns, leaving you free and focused.
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This needs to be global! The way it all works together, I gently and effortlessly went from one aspect of my life to another. There was a seamless release after realizing I was attached to some things, situations, and people. It's the awareness factor really, which everyone will experience for themselves. It's a miracle maker.

– M. Smith, Artist

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Tarot Card Meanings Kindle Edition

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Yoga of the ARcana Book and cards
Yoga of the ARcana Book & Cards
[First Edition, SOLD OUT]

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Book (7" w x 5" h) 75 pages with 22 cards
1st printing. Collectors Edition Book and Card set. Printed locally on recycled papers with non-toxic, recyclable inks.

This is your expanded self talking to your little self. 75 pages of encouragement to drop what doesn't work. Designed for you to practice, with a yoga mind, how to be more and more peaceful and contented every day!

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