Set the Stage

Recorded call

One on one with me

A reset reading to put you in a new direction.
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Thank you for the earth moving session yesterday!!! It felt like you pressed my reset button, and a lot of mental debris fell to the wayside. Your wise guidance and insight helped me find grounded clarity and fine-tuned me with great insights for the coming year.
~ Kimberly Woods, homepath


Prior to working with Andrea I wrote without much awareness of why or other or intention. Her insights and loving kindness have helped me see my work’s greater purpose, how it can be of service and use. And, most importantly, she has given me practical steps to guide me along the path.
~ Chris Ermides, writer

Divine Design Day

• Spatial Styling – My own Divine Design feng shui ~ Clear clutter, obstacles, revitalize the chi and repurpose your things to make your space work beautifully.
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• Wardrobe Styling – A makeover for you and your closet. Getting rid of what doesn't work, and putting things together anew. Giving you a fresh perspective and wardrobe.
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Before the design suggestions from Andrea, I was feeling stuck and unmotivated in various areas of my life. As soon as I implemented the changes, I had a feeling of relief and inspiration. I am now more prepared and am following through on things, as well as being more organized and determined to keep it that way. I feel healthier mentally and I am saving time in my day since things are more orderly. It’s miraculous surroundings have taken on a much more aesthetic ambience. I’m enjoying the simpler things as a result of the changes-changes I wouldn’t have achieved without the help of Andrea. She truly has a gift for this, and I am lucky to have been afforded the opportunity to be a recipient of her wonderful service. Thank you.
~ Claudia Levesque, Claudia’s Catering