Clarity 1.0

Your Vision Revealed

Clear the obstacles, create your vision. ~ 6 Month program ~  

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Quick start: clear, act, launch.
A no strain, big gain group program.

~ If you don't want to wait another week, or certainly not another year, to launch a business, a creative project or a health and wellness plan, this is your quick start program.

~ If you are more clear managing the affairs of others than for yourself.
~ If you want to bring that focus to your own project, health and wellness plan, or business.
~ If you want to know what to do because you can and will do what it takes, you just haven't even known the question to ask or how to discern what is right for you.
~ If you are capable in so many directions that you're not doing what you really want to be doing.


More focus = more money

You can be who you are meant to be.

Get a really clear vision of something you want to create in you your life. I use a multitude of resources to help you figure out why you haven't started then how to get you started, and how to keep it the driving force. This may even be a vision of health, don't judge it- go for it. You will launch the wellness plan, the project, the business.

Face what's coming with anticipation not apprehension. Laser target your energies.

{ ACTION has its rewards! Sign on BONUS!! }
Receive a free ticket to a Divine Design Lab Event – an experiential workshop. A $95 value.


[6 months Includes]
• 2 calls per month, replays will be made available
• Every 3rd call is an open Q & A
• Support materials
• Email support

• Members only forum, a great place to pose questions, gain insights, participate with others


6 months goes fast- Take the jump so that are not in the same place you are now, or have been. Be able to recognize and sieze opportunity. This course is going to be super fun, and absolutely on point with what is relevant right now. Take on the big stuff by making it manageable and clear the way. Get on the road to authentic power.

To your excellence,


Program costs $97 month. Secure your spot now $97 down, 5 monthly payments to follow.

Before: Lacked creative focus After: working on new projects with eye on the big picture

I have crossed the threshold, and through this, I realize how important the journey (not the destination) really is for me. In fact, there is no destination :-) Thanks for providing the kick in the "pants" that I needed. Below is detailed list of things, as I see it, that you helped me either to complete and/or begin :-)

– Accounting/Finances: FINALLY, this is in order - and a somewhat automated plan is in place for 2013. This is a huge deal as it was very draining trying to wrap my head around all of this and get our accounting in order. A necessary step especially because we are growing.
– Financial Growth for the company: A measurable increase in gross sales resulted from my being more focused on my business. Sales increased 50% over 2011, and a major portion of this took place during the final quarter of the year.
– I HAVE AN OFFICE! I'm no longer working from my dining room table with distractions etc. resulting in better performance no doubt.
– Began exploring alternative options of revenue. A new one revealed itself just today! I am looking at broader possibilities for the future of the business.
Georgia Brown
MAG3 International, LLC
2012 Divine Design lab alumni, working with Andrea since October 2012


Various sessions will be recorded (including the Q&A portions) for the use of the participants; various sections may also be used in future training and if that happens, your identity will remain anonymous and your contact information will not be shared. By agreeing to this, you are releasing these recordings to Andrea Rich and A Rich Production for this purpose and will not receive any compensation for the recordings now or at any time in the future.

The purchase of the program serves that you have read and understood the terms of this agreement.