30 years practicing
It's all yoga. For me all the greats have been yogi's and yogini's. The asana practice is a very small part. This is philosophy, a way of life.



Yes. My background, my pulse is rock n roll. It’s a familiar world. I was able to step in and do wardrobe styling on The Emeril Lagasse show for both Emeril and his band. I still style in the showrooms in NYC twice a year.

Rock Star Styling

Photo of me, and my friend Shelley,
hair and makeup stylist, with Emeril.

Clear the way, Clear the Space

The Organized Creative

• I strip things down. Then the style emerges, the inherent beauty.
• I have transformed so many spaces. This is the creative force in me, like an active tornado (I am from the midwest) I fine-tune and make a space work drawing from feng shui.
• My article in honor of someone I worked with...
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