Yoga class Meditation in Motion

Title: Yoga class Meditation in Motion
Location: Asheville Yoga Center Friday’s
Description: This class will go deeply into motivation assisted by tarot archetypes. Through pranayama and sustained inward focused asanas, this 45 minute class will profoundly and quietly anchor intentions for success. Classes build and students will receive greater awareness by regular attendance.
Start Time: 08:00
Date: 2014-04-04
End Time: 08:45

From Worry to Witness

Have you noticed that judgement and worry partner? The good news is acceptance and witnessing partner as well. Check out these relationships- It makes a huge difference. The conversation changes. You can quit the cycle of worry; it’s a trapping of the judge. Just notice, when you worry you are judging something.  Worry is a cycle as it will go around and around without end. Until…you hit the wall- A decision, an aha that witnesses it for what it is. An excuse, a misunderstanding that there has never been a REAL reason for. It’s been passed on by ignorance. It’s a phantom. That doesn’t make it any less domineering. The Watcher is patient, detached and the best news of all it’s available and waiting. Always has been, always will be. That we can experience the witness at any time is rather awesome. If you start to worry and judge remember the witness. Its scope is so far reaching and inexhaustible. If you reach its limit- You are enlightened…right?! I haven’t had the experience really, but have had a taste, just enough to write this.


I believe the purpose of life is to discover who-what we are. That said, following what has heart , and to take risks therein is a path in just that. Just do it. Don’t quit, that’s the key. You grow.

Presentation Yoga of the ARcana

Title: Presentation Yoga of the ARcana
Location: Sacred Space, 464 Main St, Beacon NY
Link out: Click here
Description: An hour long event. Guided Meditation, going into yoga as union in your life, and giving a way to find your ARcana based on your birthday. It’s a second Saturday pay by donation event.
Start Time: 06:00 pm
Date: 2012-02-11
End Time: 07:00 pm

I’ll be live introducing Yoga of the ARcana

Title: I’ll be live introducing Yoga of the ARcana
Location: echo, 470 Main St Beacon
Description: This is a party, Bubbles, Bellas, & Bras where I’ve given tarot readings before. This Saturday I will introduce the book and present a way so you can use it in your life.
Start Time: 06:00 pm
Date: 2012-02-04
End Time: 09:30 pm

The process!!! Can you relate?

If you don’t have a minute to read, scroll to the bottom for some bad ass business contacts that may really be of service to you.

Here it is November 4, 2011. The date seems important as somewhere in my mind I had the date of Nov 1st as the launch for  my kickstarter campaign. I am not there yet! I am still focusing, refining, getting clarity, and am in awe at how long anything and everything especially of value seems to take! I know better, since I used to redesign people’s homes and businesses and I was always the voice of reason regarding timeline and the client usually wasn’t. I knew it would take 2 -3 times as long as they did. I was right, which is why I was directing the job. Now it’s my own gig, and I need a team. I have my right hand creative, Funky kitty, who is already doing much much more one person probably should. The other players I seem to be finding on-line. So I will continue to write and clarify this project, The Yoga of the ARcana. By writing as I go, I am narrowing the gap between idea and launch or execution. That distance always seemed so huge and has dissuaded me before. Now I am committed to the living in it, or else I am being a fraud to my own work. This is my life, it doesn’t start at another point. I am acknowledging 2 helpful players today, Maggie Ostara and specifically her seminar which I watched yesterday thanks to a link from Suzanne Evans’ Be the Change award interviews last week, and Jennifer Fox, whose movie and kickstarter process, MyReincarnation has my attention today.  Check it all out!