It’s all kinds of crazy.. and Michael Moore knows it

You know how when something smells bad, but when you’re in it you get used to it? That’s what it’s like in the States now. I spent 3 months in Spain. Lived on 25 euro, and less a day. This included going out to eat. An incredible meal with wine is 8-15 euro depending. Going to the Mercado Central, spending 20 euro I’d have food for the week to prepare at home. They are fortunate, there is no trip about food. It’s all local, regional, from amazing soil. You are enriched by the earth that you’re standing on. I became sooooo much healthier. I also went to an amazing dentist, a dermatologist, and opthamalogist. You don’t see an opthamalogist here, likely don’t even know who that is, unless you’ve had surgery. They are the ones with all the degrees. She was 50 euro- for the most complete eye exam. The guy who fit me for contact lenses didn’t charge me anything until we ordered the lenses.

Michael Moore’s movie, Where To Invade Next, is just coming out now. He’s showing the amazing things that other countries do for their people. Of course, it’s complicated here in the States.

The first trip to Whole Foods upon returning here, I was sad and mad. Furious that a loaf a bread could cost $11, because it was local and from the little guy. Of course this person had to charge that much. How else? I was sad at how confused everyone must be here and some don’t even know WHY. One week back some little things that had healed, a split in my nails for example, came right back. Weird. I feel it’s about minerals. They have a mineral water that I couldn’t get enough of. I won’t even write its’s so sacred! My friend who brought me to Spain to watch over her pets and apartment, told me before I came that she thought the mineral water was helping her hair. I couldn’t really take it in, I had to experience it.

This post isn’t about bashing the States, or that anyone should move somewhere else. Why are there refugees in Europe? They are not being accepted here, from something initiated here. I’m writing as a reminder. It’s not all personal. You’re not crazy. You’re on your own. In ways that you shouldn’t be. It’s affecting everyone. The quality of life is hard to find cuz it costs more than is correct. The good news is. You’re on your own. You’ve got to dig in deeply and find what’s right for you.

More than ANYTHING that can be written is to focus on what floats your boat. Remember the place inside where you feel some peace. Keep your energy up, as high as possible. This includes the company you keep. If you keep entrenched in the problems that is exactly where your energy goes. This is a choice. I’m not saying it’s effortless. Like I said in the newsletter, our job is to be the LIGHT. So.. What lights you UP?

We have control of our inner world. From a groomed worrier: Stop worrying and find your sweet spot!!!

This is a photo in Peniscola Spain, where they shot the last season of Game of Thrones in September.


Here’s to Wes Anderson; may he win the oscar for best screenplay 2013- along with Roman Coppala

I just listened to an interview between Terry Gross and Wes Andersen discussing Moonrise Kingdom since it is up for best screenplay this year at the Oscars. I am a huge fan of Wes Andersen, namely due to The Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. I like all of his films. These last 2 are complete, and that is no small feat. So, I have felt connected to his work in many ways. His opening scene in the movie, with the close and play, when I saw that I almost jumped out of my seat. I wrote a scene years ago, with a little girl and her close and play. Anyway, glad to finally see it, especially by his masterful direction.

In this interview he spoke about a situation at school that was likely very helpful to him. He got in trouble a lot and his teacher knew that he liked to put on theatrical productions. So she would encourage him. If he stayed out of trouble he could put on a production. How fantastic! I was also in trouble a lot of the time in school, especially very young, like kindergarten and first grade. It usually happened like this: I would be talking and my teacher would ask me what I was talking about. So I would say, “Herbie the love bug, or that darn cat!”, movies I had seen. I was over the moon about them. She didn’t care and punished me by making me stand in the corner. This went on and on. I didn’t understand how this wasn’t fascinating to her. There wasn’t a lot of tolerance for my brilliance and certainly not encouragement in the right direction.

By 3rd grade I was so stressed out over school even though I made good grades. My teacher that year was really concerned about me, and actually gave me a day to create an event. We were studying Hawaii, and my father had traveled there many times. I had a miumiu from one of his trips, so the class made muumuus (pronounced moo moo) and I led a day about the culture of Hawaii and my dad came in and spoke and showed …a movie. It was very satisfying. I loved that teacher, Mrs. Martindale. She had a good eye and a heart and most importantly wasn’t lazy. My first blog was all about movies. I wouldn’t critique as much as I would revere them. I wrote about many very obscure films. Although I discontinued that blog site I am still looking for its remains, because it had a ton of hits. I didn’t realize at the time how beneficial that is.

Howl..the movie

What a treat to go to Downing Film Center in Newburgh on a Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm and see a great movie. I was feeling like going into NYC yesterday, but not really. Not enough I shall say so it did not happen. Instead, I found that Howl was playing and I could visit New York that way and go to the well of authentic creativity which I was craving. I had the opportunity to hear Allen Ginsberg speak and recite poetry in the mid 90’s in Manhattan. He was coupled at times with Patty Smith, and now reflecting on seeing them at St John the Divine, and St Mark’s Church, along with Phillip Glass etc. I realized after seeing Howl, that all of that, the need to express oneself authentically is what we were all doing in New York. The East Village was still inspired in a cool spirited way. Thank you Allen Ginsberg, and thanks to Howl the movie. It’s well done. James Franco is superb and the movie left me in a good creative space.

movie musts

A Matter of LIfe and Death, by Michael Powell & Emric Pressburger (“The Archers”) What a hip movie, from 1946. Highly entertaining, a vacillating style. Cool close-ups. A little schizophrenic. Has me thinking about what we can not see, and if their version is at all accurate, I feel more relaxed. David Niven, Kim Hunter & Richard Livesey are all great…the whole production is.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Directed by Julian Schnabel, based on true story about Jean-Do, done completely in French and in France giving the story great justice. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

My new favorite movie is The Fantastic Mr Fox, directed by Wes Anderson, screenplay based on a story by Roald Dahl, and starring George Clooney as Mr Fox, with many many others. It’s a perfect film! So so funny.

Seven Pounds is a beautiful experience. I recommend it with all my heart. This is inspired poetry on film, with outrageous performances and exquisite film making. Italian director, starring Will Smith…got to love him.