Show me a Sign – seeing life in 360 – 5 week group course

Based on ask and you shall receive, we will place your feet on the ground and your heart into heaven. Part of my Divine Design Lab series.

In this exploration we will be diving deeply into the never ending support & collaboration with Mother Earth and the animals. This course is about respect…

Course cost: $111.00

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Calls  5 Thursday’s

To make this a no brainer, if you are unsure of what is being offered and want to check it out, a full refund is available by notifying me by the end of the day one day after the first call on 1/22.

Each Week on the live recorded calls:

  • play with a different breath and animal
  • experience content nudging you to open up and create a new perspective – designed to give you an a-ha.
  • receive a mini reading every week

Each week you will receive an email preceding the call and a following email with the recording. I will be available via email for questions. Some of which I may answer on the next weeks call.

More about:

Group calls are so powerful! Get ready to receive… Some soul craving, inner contentment, outer riches. We will be accessing the language of the soul. ~The ways of the breath. The wiles of the animals. The inner design that creates the outer reality.~ Show me a sign is an empowerment course.

Article 1 – Women’s March, a female perspective

Women can be together without persecution being triggered so strongly. Now we can really do something.

I had a dream with my mother in it. She was a young woman, likely in her 20’s. Wearing lipstick in a shade that I’m currently wearing, salmon like. With horned rim glasses, and a smart black suit and white shirt, her hair slightly darker than the auburn of her pictures. She was sitting on a bus. So reminiscent of one of the women in the movie Hidden Figures. My mother was a bookkeeper and when I saw the movie there was a gentle reminder of her energy.

In the dream she was happy. This was the real standout. It took me 2 days to realize the power I was feeling from this dream. It was more like a visitation. Just a day after the women’s march, I had to take note. She was happy. Wearing her dreams on her beautiful face, this version of her was full of the potential of her becoming.

My mother’s mother worked in the steel mills of Gary, Indiana. Her mantra to my mother was women were to be seen and not heard, passed on to her no doubt. My mother would mention it to me, not as a suggestion, but sharing with me what she had been told. My grandmother didn’t care for women, and my mother had an easier time with men too. I as well, in my 20’s was more welcomed into the life of my husbands band, than the circle of women surrounding it who threw shade my way.

My mother, Bette, faithfully raised her brother, as my grandmother, Lola, worked the swing shift at the mill. My uncle Terry never receiving anything less than an A+, breezed through Old Miss college, being their most outstanding student – the Woods society of excellence created in his honor, was a Rhode Scholar, then worked in D.C. as a nuclear engineer. Unfortunately he dropped dead of a cerebral hemorrhage on the squash court in the pentagon gym at age 28. (my mother was convinced he was killed by the government) My mother was 9 months pregnant with me at the time. Unable to attend his funeral, at Arlington Cemetery, my grandmother shunned my mother and consequently me as well. Telling her that she no longer mattered.

I came into this life fiercely defending her. I would fight her battles. My dad wasn’t a tyrant, but had a way of teasing her, and sometimes put her down. It was cloaked with sweetness though, as they were a loving couple. He was frustrated that she kept so much to herself, he’d try to bring her out.

Back on the bus. I had never seen this version of my mother. Beaming with the dreams she had of becoming a lawyer. There was a freedom around her. She seemed to be letting me know how far reaching the events from the 21st of January really are.

Women want to unite. Sisterhood is natural. The incorrect position women have had with other women, has been forced by the patriarchy. It’s gained much by keeping women apart. No more.

This collective energy is not only giving permission for all people to speak up now, but encouraging it.

To be heard

This uniting spirit is creating a safety net for expression. Or at least a fuck it- what do we have to lose. Persecution is finding healing. Women can be together without that being triggered as strongly. Now we can really do something.

My mother used to say to my sister and I that we were so powerful. Well, she was no sissy, she just never felt safe.

turn basement flooding into a spa!

In the midst of all the rain, the extent of the difficulty here at this house is the basement flooding. Quite fortunate indeed. As Lulu and I sweep the water towards the sump pump I’ve been sprinkling essential oils. Last flood lavender, this one peppermint and frankincense. It smells so good and really raises the energy…Going with the flow the best we know.

2012 What is important here

Having had a strong connection to Mexico, the Spanish language and anything Mayan since I started speaking Spanish as a teen, I write this from what I have come to find is the Truth regarding the Mayan Calender and very importantly 2012. Basically, our Solar System has been moving in and out of a photon belt of high frequency since it’s inception. 2012 marks the time when we will  be residing in this belt, just about entirely. Most of us can relate to how strong the shadow has been and how accelerated our lessons and earth situations seem to be as we get closer and closer to being in a higher frequency. Whatever lessons we are being influenced by, are demanding to be dealt with. How and what and why are very specific to each incarnate, and the clearer one is the greater amount of energy is available. Resistance is shadow. Personal responsibility, the ability to respond without blame to any situation, not react, but ACT from a connected centered place is your key. As one intense and devastating planetary event after another takes place it is vital to stay in a higher ground both physically and spiritually.

a time to chant

Ammachi has asked that we all chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA as often as possible, and to visualize a radiant blue light around the nuclear reactors in Japan. If you feel the pressure of your own difficult situation this mantra is a good way to get through the inertia and shadow.

Earth Day is really Human Being Day

I was walking through Grand Central Station w/ Lulu and it must have been “earth day”, or “earth week” and there was a real simple exhibit with people organizing “earth type” events and a disheveled man was intensely telling his body practitioners how to do the hard sell so people would come in to the stall. We kept walking and browsing and I glimpsed this “earth day” in it’s fancy outward expressions. It’s really human being on the earth day isn’t it?  It’s a cry to save us and our life on this earth either as we know it or could know it to be or have known it. It’s a cry to stop corrupting what we come in contact with. The earth will always take care of herself…doesn’t she? She is expanding and contracting with what is. Either you tread wakefully on her or you don’t. She’s the real teacher.