MYOB Monday: how’s your sleep?

I have quite a checklist as to what informs me regarding my environment.

This feels potent: The direction you sleep. Head at the South, feet at the North. This is encouraged due to the magnetic pulls on the planet. Energy collects in the Northeast direction of ones home.

If any energy feels off, start here.

Mind your own business Monday: Is a Misfit another name for an Empath?

Unless you have found your natural inclination, your life is going to be a long, long tragedy, from cradle to the grave. The only people who have been blissful in the world are the people who have lived according to their own intuition and have rebelled against any effort by others to impose their ideas. Howsoever valuable those ideas may be, they are useless because they are not yours. The only significant idea is that which arises in you, grows in you, blossoms in you. ~Osho

I believe this to be truth, although a little harsh it is certainly a good kick in the pants. We take nothing with us but this very thing Osho is talking of.

I do think the empath is the the misfit. Feeling things ever so strongly and acutely, the misfit gets bombarded. So many deeds done on this planet that are despicable, a misfit would never dream of that. Who would torture anything? The misfit has been so busy torturing his or herself!

If you are totally down with that last line, this is your life. I declare it’s time fly free, and be truly loving to you.

Why is bullying so strongly in the foreground?  We’ve all been imposing. Endlessly offering advice, and endlessly bombarded. Sometimes it’s been the only way to feel in control. It’s clear that a bully is insecure, and it seems that finally following the crowd is losing its charm. You can’t watch a show anymore where the celeb isn’t saying, just be yourself. It’s actually trendy now to be yourself, however that is. Hilarious really. We ride the tides of the collective, as well as our own personal rhythms. Its’ a lot to manage!

Imposing is a big bad stinky habit. It demonstrates a lack of trust. It’s got to stop. We don’t know the biggest picture. We are always being guided to take care of our own business. That’s enough, isn’t it? It should be good news.

My whole platform now is built on personal experience.  I encourage from this fertile ground. Brush all the webs of interference away, and reveal your sculpture. It’s interesting, it’s unique, and it’s based on your trials and your understandings.  I want us all to come out of hiding, and I feel this year has all the necessary support to do so. One of the big problems facing us all is we have turned away from the very thing that we’ve been looking for.

What is that? I believe it has everything to do with where our superpowers reside. ooh la la.

Until next time….

In our own backyard

Here is a seasonal newsletter giving kudos to local ventures with standards of excellence. They either have a superb product, are a conscious business, or execute with a level of integrity that is indisputable. A Rich Production, and the Divine Design Lab is featured under “Mind” in the Spring issue. It’s a great newsletter to sign on. Have a look via the link below:

50 mile radius

Actors must know their motivation

Acting 101: stay where you truly are, long enough, and it will morph. That’s it, at least in the tradition that I come from. Resist, avoid, do anything but be where you are, and you don’t stand a chance of captivating anyone else. You don’t get results. My 1st year acting teacher, Joel Rooks, was more fun to watch then my fellow classmates. His instruction:  be honest, be where you are at. If you aren’t or you miss a beat, he’d stop us. So he’d watch us do the exercise. He’d be living it with us. His anticipation growing and then you’d see his shoulders slump over and his face drop.

Someone missed a moment. One moment missed. Then a train wreck.
I find good actors are generally pretty healthy people.  If they aren’t absorbed, as a spectator you won’t be either. They’d be thrown to the lions. We throw ourselves to the lions every day. No focus and direction. We live a haphazard life.
We are all actors on life’s stage. Why miss one more moment? It’s time to live the life you want to live.

Entertain this for 2013: Napoleon Hill on being born with two envelopes

As Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, taught about creating wealth he shared his belief which I believe he got from Carnegie. He said that we are all born with 2 envelopes. It’s up to each one of us how we use them.

Contents of envelope one: Taking control of your own mind and direct it to ends of your own choice:

  1. sound health
  2. peace of mind
  3. a  labor of love of your own choice
  4. freedom from fear and worry
  5. a positive mental attitude
  6. material riches of your own choice and quantity

Contents of envelope two: Price one pays for neglecting to take possession of the mind and direct it:

  1. ill health
  2. fear and worry
  3. indecision and doubt
  4. frustration and discouragement
  5. poverty and want
  6. a whole flock of evils-anger, hatred, jealousy, superstition etc….

Let this act as a reminder for even one moment, that we literally only control one thing, and that is which thoughts we focus us.  It’s indeed a full time job. One of my teachers recently said, “Avoid the mental plane at all costs!” Peace of mind is not selfish. Excuse yourself politely from situations where you’d have to engage in too much thought. Truth purifies, untruth complicates. On it goes. You decide.

To keep the conversation going, at least from Napoleon Hill’s pov, have a clear description of your major desire, a circumstance or position which you will accept as your idea of success.

Ask what limitation you have set up in your mind.

Ask what limitation you have let others set up for you.

Finally, what precisely you will do in return for what you ask. This may be work. This may be giving money in a charitable fashion.


Creative people seem to have more resistances. I was thinking about a pregnant woman, and how clear it is that nature is now in charge. She is not figuring out what she is creating. There can be so much angst and overwhelm on doing our art, or doing anything that is authentic.  Making it a thing, monetizing it. Because who is doing? Aren’t we expressions of the Creative Source anyway?

What is this agency-this energy we sit on? misunderstanding it. The impulses to create then the resistances. The very reason we are here is to create, but if we keep avoiding this power it becomes more frustrated. And we wait for something to clear. We must understand to just do. Don’t dilute, ride it. Make art for its sake. Be the experience, drop the worry, the result. Deny your gifts and you spiral downward. Do what you do with every impulse you have. Let it teach you and show you the way. Let nature deliver. Then this doer is the vehicle. That’s a perspective that tames the beast.

This is a drawing of me with my cat. We are vortexes! It’s my superhero power…What’s yours?

Divine Design- Feng Shui

I don’t know if you know this about me…When you come into my sphere of influence, I begin to see things for you.

It’s not really so woo woo. I do it with “spaces” all the time. I just took care of my friend’s cats and while there, I made some mental notes (I was there for about 10 minutes) on how her home could work, flow, and look beautiful, using what was there, and upon her return shared the details on the phone with her. Mind you, this didn’t come unsolicited as quite a while ago she asked if there was anything I could help her with she wanted to know-regarding decorating. The time just happened to present itself while I was there taking care of Sprout and Myrtle! She tried it all out just yesterday, and it worked and she’s thrilled. So win-win. I can’t really help myself. It’s like a download! She took it heart, and went for it.

Why am I saying this to you? Well, we are not face to face right now, and out of sight out of mind so to speak. As I am putting together this 6 month package- Launch to Lead, like puzzle pieces, I see the mosaic of certain people and energies, and what I want to say is, “If this resonates, at all, please jump in!” There will be something for you.  I’ve been hiding out for a long time, putting my puzzle pieces together! I am not hiding out anymore, and invite you to do the same.

We all have gifts. That’s the point. The thinking mind takes a rest when we spend more time flexing the muscles of what we are divinely designed for.

Divine Design Lab program details here.

This …I promise you!

The instruction is simple. Inner/Outer meet up. Where do you see this for yourself? Take one step toward anything of value and 2 or more steps come your way.