Artist / Performer / Coach



name001I’m not ambitious. I don’t really have an ambitious bone in my body. I’m competitive in games and sports, but that’s simply a talent. I may be ambitious about being awake, clearing any fog and illusion about being here. Yes.. on this planet. I talk big picture. I say this because I’ve been involved in a lot of projects, and relatively uncredited. This was my own doing. It wasn’t important to me. That’s my inner hippie. Now, I realize that I want to write it down, it’s part of telling my personal story as it may be important to you looking at it. The following is a start.

Power. I’m part of the renovation of business. As an artist, teacher, and rock star organized creative, I’m all about big vision. I’m all about the Visual Theme. Done with the archaic. The ferocity of the female has awakened. I find myself working more and more with women who are busting to be heard. Who are clear they will not tolerate being the scapegoat.  My newest undertaking places me at the helm, center stage as creative developer and educator, of that- AWAKENING. I can say that I am a producer. Looking for the stories, projects, and people to celebrate. Where i generate the ideas and pursue a creative vision. I was made for this time, this connection to spirit, although I also find it truly challenging. Who doesn’t?

imonrom001p1Fellow Gemini, and brilliant powerful female. Have always related to her. She was thrown under the bus one too many times by the old worn out patriarchy.

Acting. I moved to NYC, and for the first time geographically I felt at home. Studied acting, had my own performance group, Misticabaret, taught yoga, and loved life. I worked with Albert Maysles on a film project as the managing director at Out of the Blue Films. Misticabaret was in the fringe festival and as soon as it ended I left the city for upstate, this was just 2 weeks before 9/11. The ferocity that I was used to simmered a bit, but I found an audience in Woodstock where I did lots of theater. Of course I kept my apartment in the city.

Redesign. Back in the city is where I began consulting. I called it organizing, but it was truly redesign. Homes, and businesses – I took the approach of an actor working on a script. There’s a through-line and theme to everything. I helped a multitude of people uncover theirs.

One of my first clients ran an Interior Design firm, re: place. We worked on her office, seeing it through several phases of development. She had a concept for a team, which included myself, and a stylist. These makeovers included any new clients whose budgets were under 20 thousand. After a few years of fabulous makeovers, I ended up in the DKNY showroom. Back breaking production, we put together many home showrooms for market. This turned in to more personal clients, closet makeovers and tear sheets for their personal style. I did wardrobe styling for Emeril Lagasse and his band for television.

There is inherent beauty in everything awaiting to be uncovered.


Way Back Machine. I used to manage a travel agency in Bloomington IN. They were going to leave town, unless I would take over and continue taking care of the athletic departments’ group travel arrangements. This was big business at Indiana University. It was also tricky ground for me, as I was working for one of the new big agencies that were part of the small biz demise. That included my parents business.

I said yes, partly for my love of travel, and secondly that they met my requests. A 4-day workweek, and I could take with me 2 of the best travel agents. Weekly, I would go see the coaches. Sports was my life-blood as a kid, I was a tomboy and hung out with the guys. One of coaches I worked with was Bobby Knight. I had only heard nightmares about him. Well, I loved him! This was to set the tone. Give me the eccentrics, the head honchos and I feel right at home.

At this time I was married and since my husband played with John Mellencamp we were located in Bloomington. Another eccentric. And being around the band and John’s process really gave me insights that are so deeply ingrained around production. We traveled the world, played sports together, and I always played.. with the guys.

Now.. it’s anything goes. Empowerment to all.