This sentiment is so relevant for 2021

The Tower from The Way of Tarot by Jordorowsky & Costa

“I am the temple:  the entire world is an altar I make sacred. My life, like yours, proves at every heartbeat that the world is divine, that the flesh is a living celebration and life a never-ending construction.

With me you will know the joy that is key to the sacred. I am life itself, the transformation and the reconstruction, the flame and the energy of everything alive, of all matter and all spirit. If you wish to enter me, you must rejoice, cast into the fire the infantile whims of sorrow and fear, and ask yourself every time you awake:  What shall I celebrate now? I am the cataclysmic joy of living, the permanently unforeseen and marvelous catastrophe.”


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It takes tremendous courage to think for yourself, to examine yourself.      ~Dr Cornel West

Self Analysis is a branch of yoga. Knowing how to follow the thoughts constructively is key.


30 years practicing

It’s all yoga. For me all the greats have been yogi’s and yogini’s. The asana practice is a very small part. This is philosophy, a way of life. Pranayama is my current teaching modality in yoga. 1/2020.. AR


Style Groove. My background, my pulse is rock n roll. It’s a familiar world. I was able to step in and do wardrobe styling on The Emeril Lagasse show for both Emeril and his band.

Rock Star Styling

Photo of me, and my friend Shelley,
hair and makeup stylist, with Emeril.

Clear the way, Clear the Space~

Visual Theme~ I styled in the showrooms in NYC twice a year.

• I strip things down. Then the style emerges, the inherent beauty.
• I have transformed so many spaces. This is the creative force in me, like an active tornado (I am from the midwest) I fine-tune and make a space work drawing from feng shui.
• My article in honor of someone I worked with…
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