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I’m booking Quicksilver readings. 15 minutes at $22

This can change the course of things. Really really really. There is so much power in walking away with one thing, which you will—creating the rudder for your intention.

Nobody has the power to take two steps together,. You can take one step at a time. Step by step, one step at a time one can go 10,000 miles. 

~From The Tao  ~

Isn’t it nice to know, you can take your time and enjoy your journey?

Often we need some direction on the path.

$22 for 15 minutes with the captain of the ship, the quarterback on the field calling out the play. You see it’s your ship; it’s your field.

One of my strongest gifts is that of a producer, encouraging the vision to the top.

You can add on additional 15 minute increments at time of reading

How to book

  • Direct pay $22 via Venmo: @Andrea-Rich-7
  • Then email me at to confirm, and give me your best time of day and your time zone, I will book it within 24 hours.

Alternate FOP

*Paypal – via friends and family only: 



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