Zen of Performance class ~ Fri 6/25/18 ~10:15 a.m.

At the Asheville Percussion Festival

I am teaching a class to fine tune the intensive students going in to their performance Friday night.

~Points for optimizing on stage experience~

  1. fun exercises to get really present and have fun performing
  2. how to know you are prepared- what to work on now-
  3. what is your part- what are you responsible for
  4. letting go and allowing yourself to have the best experience -versus just self preoccupation- so the audience does as well
  5. how to check yourself before you go on
  6. have a checklist and a healthy way of reviewing the performance and inspiring take-aways to move forward with
3 solids from the above
  1. Integration space for the material
  2. Grooming for any personal questions and concerns
  3. Suggestions for how to review the show with a solid way to move forward

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