The Last Boomers 1961-1964

The last of the baby boomers turn 50 this month. I have always been fascinated by the generation I was born into, and never knew what it was called, if indeed it was part of the boomers. I am inspired to write about us after reading an article by P.J. O’Rourke. He finds us a bit mysterious, that our part remains quietly obscure. We have seen a lot, and are not sure about commitment. We came of age when deregulation began, and divorce more common- many of us didn’t have kids. We are often living contradictions, not easily impressed, with an inherent sense of rebellion as well as spirituality.

Reincarnated Monks

I met and hung out with a Tibetan monk in the 90’s in the East Village. I adored this little guy yet don’t remember his name. We used to bop around and I was invited to meditation gatherings at his apartment just a few blocks up from mine. He told me that many born between 1961 and 1964 in the States are reincarnated monks. That felt accurate. For myself, and many friends born around the same time. These brilliant seekers kinda in the world who carry a deep longing for something that they themselves aren’t even sure about. Fellow last boomer David Fincher has directed some of the best movies in observation of the illusion of life. The Game, Fight Club, Benjamin Button, and even House of Cards. At least he’s out there with his work. It’s time for the rest of us to come out of hiding.

Some signs of the Last Boomers:

We’ve seen loss, know that nothing is stable, get the illusion better than most, are spiritual without denomination, don’t like to be labeled or pigeon-holed, better yet don’t want to be pressed to commit- we need exit strategies, maybe even those with kids still have a deep desire to be free, have held back, would prefer to live in a monastery but don’t, are watchful, extremely creative, full of wisdom, and have always been looking for the perfect place to live- a Shangri-la.

My siblings are part of the early boomer phase. Many have seemed to be more cause orientated.

Their platform has always seemed more clear, and I along for the ride. On the way to a hiking trail I was with my brother and his friend of the same age, both earlier boomers, while I in the backseat took in their conversation as they spoke of  climate change on the planet and wanting to be off the grid. Although I strongly related to what they were talking about and want to do just that, I feel an almost required duty to be in the world and relevant. Here’s a picture of my brother and his friend as we walked on the Appalachian Trail. The two of them met in Nepal years ago.

Here’s to the boomers!

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