2014- Best clearing finds: Peruvian Florida water & hydrogen peroxide

Peruvian Florida water: Simply the best. Much more pure than what is sold at the bodegas here. Thanks to a visiting shaman, I discovered it and bought it through shamansmarket.com

I diluted it in a spray bottle with water, and sprayed an entire carpet with it. The cats now smell like it. Bonus!

Hydrogen Peroxide- store bought 3%.. Clears and makes things shine. It restores things to their natural glow. After literally clearing so many things from stones to metal, I researched hydorgen peroxide uses and read everything I’ve found. I’ve since bought food grade and am using it. It’s an amazing curative. This is something you must educate yourself about. I will be sure to write about my findings after I’ve used it for 3 months.

So it’s been a little more than 3 months (it’s january 4th 2015), and I have been using the food grade hydrogen peroxide. I start with food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with distilled water until it’s a 3% solution. 35% would burn your skin. 90% hydrogen peroxide is rocket fuel! You can’t fuck around with this stuff, or use it casually. Basically it’s oxygen therapy. This is folk medicine at its finest. It’s too involved for me to expound upon. I do use it daily, in many different ways. If you are interested I can lead you to how to find more information for yourself.

Both of these products rate on top with Thieves essential oil blend. All a must in my toolbox.

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