by Administrator on March 30, 2014

~To decide is the way of the intellect~

STAY with me!!!…

The runaway train of thoughts, images, and feelings, leaving us everywhere and nowhere. So old and crazy making. That’s the world following the unstable mind. But the intellect, a finely tuned instrument, the lab of analysis turns toward awareness. We harness here, we position and prepare our deepest desires to bring them to light.

It takes tremendous discipline, it takes tremendous courage to think for yourself, to examine yourself. – Dr Cornel West

Let’s focus here on making a decision from the deepest place in our being. I truly believe that this is where it’s at. This is when a life worth living starts. This makes sense. The teaching that there is a river of destiny, that our life is mapped out. We become mistaken thinking our little decisions and actions really change the true course of our lives. These little decisions simply accelerate or delay desired outcome.

Finally!!! A decision is made as though our life depends on it. I live for that. That is something to be passionate about. Heart and intellect in concert like a laser beam. The resolute heart and intellect have come together with purpose clearly bringing destiny into focus, not just flailing about. We feel like we are changing the course of our lives, because we are. We are finally in the river, propelled by a powerful decision, instead of holding on to the shore of doubt.

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