Actors must know their motivation

by Administrator on March 1, 2013

Acting 101: stay where you truly are, long enough, and it will morph. That’s it, at least in the tradition that I come from. Resist, avoid, do anything but be where you are, and you don’t stand a chance of captivating anyone else. You don’t get results. My 1st year acting teacher, Joel Rooks, was more fun to watch then my fellow classmates. His instruction:  be honest, be where you are at. If you aren’t or you miss a beat, he’d stop us. So he’d watch us do the exercise. He’d be living it with us. His anticipation growing and then you’d see his shoulders slump over and his face drop.

Someone missed a moment. One moment missed. Then a train wreck.
I find good actors are generally pretty healthy people.  If they aren’t absorbed, as a spectator you won’t be either. They’d be thrown to the lions. We throw ourselves to the lions every day. No focus and direction. We live a haphazard life.
We are all actors on life’s stage. Why miss one more moment? It’s time to live the life you want to live.

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