Here’s to Wes Anderson; may he win the oscar for best screenplay 2013- along with Roman Coppala

by Administrator on February 24, 2013

I just listened to an interview between Terry Gross and Wes Andersen discussing Moonrise Kingdom since it is up for best screenplay this year at the Oscars. I am a huge fan of Wes Andersen, namely due to The Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. I like all of his films. These last 2 are complete, and that is no small feat. So, I have felt connected to his work in many ways. His opening scene in the movie, with the close and play, when I saw that I almost jumped out of my seat. I wrote a scene years ago, with a little girl and her close and play. Anyway, glad to finally see it, especially by his masterful direction.

In this interview he spoke about a situation at school that was likely very helpful to him. He got in trouble a lot and his teacher knew that he liked to put on theatrical productions. So she would encourage him. If he stayed out of trouble he could put on a production. How fantastic! I was also in trouble a lot of the time in school, especially very young, like kindergarten and first grade. It usually happened like this: I would be talking and my teacher would ask me what I was talking about. So I would say, “Herbie the love bug, or that darn cat!”, movies I had seen. I was over the moon about them. She didn’t care and punished me by making me stand in the corner. This went on and on. I didn’t understand how this wasn’t fascinating to her. There wasn’t a lot of tolerance for my brilliance and certainly not encouragement in the right direction.

By 3rd grade I was so stressed out over school even though I made good grades. My teacher that year was really concerned about me, and actually gave me a day to create an event. We were studying Hawaii, and my father had traveled there many times. I had a miumiu from one of his trips, so the class made muumuus (pronounced moo moo) and I led a day about the culture of Hawaii and my dad came in and spoke and showed …a movie. It was very satisfying. I loved that teacher, Mrs. Martindale. She had a good eye and a heart and most importantly wasn’t lazy. My first blog was all about movies. I wouldn’t critique as much as I would revere them. I wrote about many very obscure films. Although I discontinued that blog site I am still looking for its remains, because it had a ton of hits. I didn’t realize at the time how beneficial that is.

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