Entertain this for 2013: Napoleon Hill on being born with two envelopes

by Administrator on January 2, 2013

As Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, taught about creating wealth he shared his belief which I believe he got from Carnegie. He said that we are all born with 2 envelopes. It’s up to each one of us how we use them.

Contents of envelope one: Taking control of your own mind and direct it to ends of your own choice:

  1. sound health
  2. peace of mind
  3. a  labor of love of your own choice
  4. freedom from fear and worry
  5. a positive mental attitude
  6. material riches of your own choice and quantity

Contents of envelope two: Price one pays for neglecting to take possession of the mind and direct it:

  1. ill health
  2. fear and worry
  3. indecision and doubt
  4. frustration and discouragement
  5. poverty and want
  6. a whole flock of evils-anger, hatred, jealousy, superstition etc….

Let this act as a reminder for even one moment, that we literally only control one thing, and that is which thoughts we focus us.  It’s indeed a full time job. One of my teachers recently said, “Avoid the mental plane at all costs!” Peace of mind is not selfish. Excuse yourself politely from situations where you’d have to engage in too much thought. Truth purifies, untruth complicates. On it goes. You decide.

To keep the conversation going, at least from Napoleon Hill’s pov, have a clear description of your major desire, a circumstance or position which you will accept as your idea of success.

Ask what limitation you have set up in your mind.

Ask what limitation you have let others set up for you.

Finally, what precisely you will do in return for what you ask. This may be work. This may be giving money in a charitable fashion.

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