by Administrator on October 4, 2012

Creative people seem to have more resistances. I was thinking about a pregnant woman, and how clear it is that nature is now in charge. She is not figuring out what she is creating. There can be so much angst and overwhelm on doing our art, or doing anything that is authentic.  Making it a thing, monetizing it. Because who is doing? Aren’t we expressions of the Creative Source anyway?

What is this agency-this energy we sit on? misunderstanding it. The impulses to create then the resistances. The very reason we are here is to create, but if we keep avoiding this power it becomes more frustrated. And we wait for something to clear. We must understand to just do. Don’t dilute, ride it. Make art for its sake. Be the experience, drop the worry, the result. Deny your gifts and you spiral downward. Do what you do with every impulse you have. Let it teach you and show you the way. Let nature deliver. Then this doer is the vehicle. That’s a perspective that tames the beast.

This is a drawing of me with my cat. We are vortexes! It’s my superhero power…What’s yours?

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