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by Administrator on September 14, 2012

I don’t know if you know this about me…When you come into my sphere of influence, I begin to see things for you.

It’s not really so woo woo. I do it with “spaces” all the time. I just took care of my friend’s cats and while there, I made some mental notes (I was there for about 10 minutes) on how her home could work, flow, and look beautiful, using what was there, and upon her return shared the details on the phone with her. Mind you, this didn’t come unsolicited as quite a while ago she asked if there was anything I could help her with she wanted to know-regarding decorating. The time just happened to present itself while I was there taking care of Sprout and Myrtle! She tried it all out just yesterday, and it worked and she’s thrilled. So win-win. I can’t really help myself. It’s like a download! She took it heart, and went for it.

Why am I saying this to you? Well, we are not face to face right now, and out of sight out of mind so to speak. As I am putting together this 6 month package- Launch to Lead, like puzzle pieces, I see the mosaic of certain people and energies, and what I want to say is, “If this resonates, at all, please jump in!” There will be something for you.  I’ve been hiding out for a long time, putting my puzzle pieces together! I am not hiding out anymore, and invite you to do the same.

We all have gifts. That’s the point. The thinking mind takes a rest when we spend more time flexing the muscles of what we are divinely designed for.

Divine Design Lab program details here.

This …I promise you!

The instruction is simple. Inner/Outer meet up. Where do you see this for yourself? Take one step toward anything of value and 2 or more steps come your way.

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