by Administrator on April 5, 2012

Live this Monday April 9th

7-7:30 pm

What would life be like if you saw things from another perspective?

This free call is designed to get you in motion in your life and your business. Join this call @ 218.895.8275 /passcode 1122#

Get on the highway from the ease of your own home!

  • we will begin with a brief guided meditation (if nothing more it helps you focus)
  • I will talk about being in motion vs being busy
  • and how to find purposeful action in the cards
  • you will receive the right questions to ask (huge huge important)
  • experience an example of taking things to completion
  • best of all, what continued support can look like and how crucial it is

and then there’s a gift… that’s a lot in a half an hour!
All you have to do is sign up…

That’s it!! a half an hour of your time to get you on track.
-If you have the workbook here’s your chance to put it to use-

Be like a river whose force unites it with the sea

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