Yoga of the ARcana book and cards are ready

Yoga of the ARcana – a practical approach to bring awareness into daily life.

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Begin with The Fool and journey to The World, where there are only misperceptions to drop. Revel in your natural state.  Empty the unnecessary and wear the clothes of the regal you, your god/ goddess nature.

Rock into 2012; join the Yoga of the ARcana workbook webcast on Monday January 23rd at 7pm. We will begin with an hour phone intro, which can be downloaded as an mp3 file and yours to keep. You will receive the 21 day course pdf to take on your life like never before. Shatter worn out beliefs, dive into your meditative self and be present for all life has to offer you. We’ll end the 21 days with a one on one 15 minute phone check in, to clarify and point you to YOU, with less baggage and more insights. Say Yes!! There will be a free 15 -30 minute web phone call on Monday the 19th, to prepare you -this is an optional call. All phone in information will be supplied here.

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