a purrfect breakfast

by Administrator on June 17, 2011

The Breakfast:

Spelt cake, with honey, flax, & baked apples with cinnamon

The Recipe (from Hildegard of Bingen):

Spelt Cake:  Mix together 1 C Stone ground Spelt Flour, 1 C water or milk or mixture ( i use 1/2 and 1/2), 1 tsp non aluminum baking powder, 3 T oil ( i use grapeseed but will use olive oil in a pinch) & 1 egg. Hildegard’s recipe adds a T of sugar but i prefer to alleviate it and get the sweetness from the honey and apples. Let the mixture stand for a few.

Chop apples (1 or more per person), coat with cinnamon, put in baking dish with a little butter on top, and bake at about 350 for 1/2 hour or so. Try to use all organic ingredients and leave skin on the apples.

Timing wise; I prepare the apples first and get them in the oven then the spelt mixture and let it stand.

Prepare spelt cakes as you would a pancake. Smother with honey and ground flax seeds (grind in coffee grinder and keep in a mason jar) and top with the apples.

Excellent and Ideal nutritionally!

Have it with a cup of Organo Gold black coffee with heated and frothed milk and a dash of sugar. YUM!!!! If you have never tried it and love coffee,  you really must. I feel the difference when I run out.

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