face scrub & body scrub

by Administrator on May 16, 2011

Face Scrub: Mix together finely ground oats, honey, and coconut oil. Start with small amounts of each and get to the consistency you want. You decide how much of each. Equal parts may work fine. Gently work into your skin, let it set a few moments, then with a soft wash cloth, cotton pad, or simply hands and warm water remove. May not even have to put anything else on.

Body Scrub: Take one part sugar to 2 parts olive oil. Since I use raw sugar I must grind it in a coffee grinder to make it more powdery or else it’s too coarse. I can use a T olive oil and a half T sugar to cover my body. I often put drops of lavender oil. Use whatever oils you fancy or need at the time, then shower and voile you are ready to go with a slight protection on your skin!

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