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I bring the mystical with the practical. I combine a meeting point of East and West, a healthy reflection of inner to outer.

Divine Design Lab: align to purpose, path to profit; is a creative launch pad for you to experience and get laser clear on your vision while giving you the structure to implement it. You will be absolutely  prepared, in purposeful action, and en route to product and profit. Guaranteed.

It’s all around us. You need this, buy this, come over here, and it’s created overwhelm and discontent.  You have become a marketplace. You think you know what you want, what you want to do.  You may not know how just yet. You may be looking to end any segregation within your life, which then positively contributes to everyone and everything. You want to live your life not someone else’s. You may not be aligned to what you need to what is right for you.  I have had access and much exposure to ancient mystical teachings, as well as off the charts major business strategies.  I cannot claim any of it, but my own experience. I have found there is nothing more valuable, than to feel that certainty that you are living from your truth. What’s more important than making a decision to be on purpose, and quit f*ckng around?!

There is an epidemic that creates such problems for us. We are busy, but are we purposeful? Is your time well spent? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you living your full potential? Are you asking the right questions? All answers lie in the question. Transformation does not come in huge leaps- it comes in increments. It’s around us in nature. A seed is planted, tended to, it grows and flowers. We are full of seeds. The nourishment of particular ones will eventually bear fruit. In other words keep at it. It, being your hearts desire.

Creating a solid foundation is the core of everything, where your decisions are profound and you are as clear as possible.  Jump ahead and you will likely have to go back there again, to the mindset. So build well. By build I really mean, grow. Don’t miss your life opportunity.  This I call the launch pad. Become established, and be sincere in whatever you pursue.

~Prior to working with Andrea I wrote without much awareness of why or other or intention. Her insights and loving kindness have helped me see my work’s greater purpose, how it can be of service and use. And, most importantly, she has given me practical steps to guide me along the path. ~Chris Ermides, writer

This is all part of A Rich U, a school in Divine Design, where we combine archetypes and theatre, with profound mindset and business principles. It’s a dynamic and fun way to get the makeover you’ve dreamed of. Here is where you find your own mythology, along with practical action steps to drop what is not necessary and live fully.  You become your own action superhero!

In the human drama you are an actor in your play, on life’s stage. What is the story you are living and how can you make all of your experiences richer? Live your life, not another person’s. Look to the archetypes of the tarot, and not someone else to embody your regal nature, as they point the way powerfully so you can be living your rich self.

I get overwhelmed by the force of my mind. I have to reign it in and direct it constantly. It’s increasingly clear to me that the fight is the inward one, that I am here to learn, and that what’s been the limitation and  frustration is actually the teacher.

To Your Excellence!

Consider 3 levels of wealth consciousness:

  1. having it in your material world
  2. the ability it gives you to contribute to what is important to you
  3. ultimately contentment.

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Uniting the mysteries, using tarot as a platform. Dropping the unessential. Letting go. Unite and empower. A practical approach to bring awareness into daily life. The inquiries that began in the journey below, are like the roughest draft, the tiniest seeds that have grown into the writings of the Book and Cards today..Jan. of ’12:

Started on the new moon in August of ’09.
Click on the link(s) below to journey the tarot:

0 The Fool
I The Magus
II The High Priestess
III The Empress
IV The Emperor
V The Hierophant
VI The Lovers
VII The Chariot
VIII Justice
IV Hermit
X Wheel of Fortune
XI Force/ Strength
XII The Hanged Man
XIII No Name
XIV Temperance
XV The Devil
XVI The Tower
XVII The Star
XVIII The Moon
XX Judgement
XXI The World

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