wasp medicine

by Administrator on October 29, 2013

This picture is the last bit of stuff that went in to my car.

I just moved. Am now in an apartment. Yesterday was a real big day in getting organized. A big move across a few states and voila, am in a new place. A wasp happened upon my screen in the living room, so I looked it up. I love the part about use of female warrior energy, and assisting in assertive communication. So valuable to remember in mercury retrograde.

Have a look:

Wasp/Hornet/Yellowjacket’s Wisdom Includes:

Use of female warrior energy
Understanding female societies
Communal living

Animal symbolism of the wasp deals with:
•    order
•    construction
•    communication
•    involvement
•    development
•    progress
•    team-work
•    productivity

The wasp might be a sign that we may need to express ourselves more clearly.
Because the wasp is symbolic of communication, order and productivity, those who encounter the wasp may ask themselves:
•    ”Are all my affairs in order?”
•    ”Am I aligning myself with my goals?”
•    ”Am I procrastinating about something?”
•    ”Am I keeping myself from reaching my highest potential?”
•    ”Am I allowing my progress to be held back by others?”
Those with the wasp as their totem may learn more by asking these questions of themselves, and calling upon the wasp for more clarification too.
Wasps are perfect totems for those of us who need a bit of organized focus, and assistance with assertive communication.
The wasp can also help in areas of building, whether it be a new home, or building on a dream – the wasp is a master architect and can guide you with the planning of any building project you have in mind.

How cool…


Symbols …The Cormorant

by Administrator on September 26, 2013

Hi all..in the topic of symbols, Friday I went to the mall, which is a rare event to see about resoling my favorite boots, and as I left I saw this little guy.
I stopped 4 parking spaces from him, took some pictures, and then finally he puked up a fish and flew away (i have a picture of that too). I looked up cormorant on-line since it’s not in my animal speak book. I found it soooooo interesting that maybe I’m not the only one to whom this message may be relevant:
This is a reminder that we must learn to enjoy our accomplishments, our catches in life and not allow others to distract us from the enjoyment of our accomplishments.
When the cormorant is an individual’s totem, the person will have a knack for accomplishing in unique ways what others could not seem to do. When it appears in our life as a message, it is a reminder for us to dive in to what we have been hesitating about. The cormorant teaches us how to dive into the waters of life creatively especially if we wish a new birth.

The Cormorants have been used as symbols of nobility, indulgence, and in more modern times a totem for fishermen and a bountiful catch.
The fishing technique of cormorant is excellent. They are skilled at maneuvering through murky waters and finding fish even at great depths. Not only that, they can literally swim under water. Often, they will swim alongside small boats and help fisherman at their task. They will swim under water and then pop back up when they have a fish in their mouth. This nature of the bird is considered to be very giving. They can signify prosperous times ahead. They can also indicate that a negative period in your life is going to be overcome.
When the cormorant comes to you as a guide, it is there to it give encouragement. It says that you need to engage in a new opportunity which you may think that you are unable to do. Because this bird is quite intelligent it is a representation that you need to use your own wit and skill to reach a goal or achieve a task. While this bird can be a spirit that comes to you, sometimes in times of need you may wish to call on the cormorant when you are feeling lost or out of touch with your own goals. The cormorant can teach you how to be more self-reliant and to use your own wisdom to attain your goals.


This New Moon…The Divine Feminine

May 9, 2013

Take the opportunity of this new moon with a solar eclipse to immerse yourself into a deeper feminine place. Look at this from your perspective, from your mother’s perspective, and with great love and respect, let go of anything that doesn’t fit. A deeper calling is “hear” for you: feel directly. Go to the earth, [...]

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Let go of the shore.

February 8, 2013

Let go! When I woke up this morning  my first thoughts were about being a river. I saw very clearly the things that keep me clinging to the shore.  Zen uses the river as an example of how to live a life in flow.  Whoever I am still carrying and wherever I perseverate is me [...]

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Divine Design Lab

August 25, 2012

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August 16, 2012

I believe the purpose of life is to discover who-what we are. That said, following what has heart , and to take risks therein is a path in just that. Just do it. Don’t quit, that’s the key. You grow.

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Reiki I class

August 16, 2012

Have you been thinking about getting attuned to Reiki? I am scheduling a Spring reiki class. If you are interested make sure to contact me.

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Chinese Proverb

June 8, 2012

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

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powerful aspect; your presentation of self

May 14, 2012

I rarely write about astrological aspects outside of the somewhat challenging mercury retrograde. This is a heads up and worth sharing. Venus is going retrograde on May 15th and will stay in that position until June 27th. That’s a nice chunk of time. This has so much to do with presenting oneself powerfully and authentically [...]

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The process!!! Can you relate?

November 4, 2011

If you don’t have a minute to read, scroll to the bottom for some bad ass business contacts that may really be of service to you. Here it is November 4, 2011. The date seems important as somewhere in my mind I had the date of Nov 1st as the launch for  my kickstarter campaign. [...]

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