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turn basement flooding into a spa!

by Administrator on September 8, 2011

In the midst of all the rain, the extent of the difficulty here at this house is the basement flooding. Quite fortunate indeed. As Lulu and I sweep the water towards the sump pump I’ve been sprinkling essential oils. Last flood lavender, this one peppermint and frankincense. It smells so good and really raises the energy…Going with the flow the best we know.


2012 What is important here

by Administrator on August 31, 2011

Having had a strong connection to Mexico, the Spanish language and anything Mayan since I started speaking Spanish as a teen, I write this from what I have come to find is the Truth regarding the Mayan Calender and very importantly 2012. Basically, our Solar System has been moving in and out of a photon belt of high frequency since it’s inception. 2012 marks the time when we will  be residing in this belt, just about entirely. Most of us can relate to how strong the shadow has been and how accelerated our lessons and earth situations seem to be as we get closer and closer to being in a higher frequency. Whatever lessons we are being influenced by, are demanding to be dealt with. How and what and why are very specific to each incarnate, and the clearer one is the greater amount of energy is available. Resistance is shadow. Personal responsibility, the ability to respond without blame to any situation, not react, but ACT from a connected centered place is your key. As one intense and devastating planetary event after another takes place it is vital to stay in a higher ground both physically and spiritually.


a time to chant

March 16, 2011

Ammachi has asked that we all chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA as often as possible, and to visualize a radiant blue light around the nuclear reactors in Japan. If you feel the pressure of your own difficult situation this mantra is a good way to get through the inertia and shadow.

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Earth Day is really Human Being Day

April 26, 2010

I was walking through Grand Central Station w/ Lulu and it must have been “earth day”, or “earth week” and there was a real simple exhibit with people organizing “earth type” events and a disheveled man was intensely telling his body practitioners how to do the hard sell so people would come in to the […]

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