Get Ready

December 22, 2013

Get yourself ready, and do your work. Sit in quiet contemplation, and stillness. Cast the net of your intentions beyond. See what you want. Prepare. Rather than being a slave to worry, be a warrior to certainty. Slaying the demons as they arrive. You alone are in charge of this. It’s time. No need to [...]

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Why East West living?

December 16, 2013

It solves a problem for me. Forever I’ve been motivated and dedicated to some sort of spiritual calling, and teachings. I have taken some so literally that I’ve missed opportunities, here and now. I’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Living more in those ideals. I’m aware that in the Biggest picture, you can’t [...]

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Interview on blog talk radio

December 16, 2013

With the deeply loving Ombassa on her show The P.L.A.Y Experience: listen to radio interview We touched upon my upcoming program: The Misfits Guide to East West Living!

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It’s not too late

December 3, 2013

To wake up. To be myself. To appreciate it all. To live a life expressing from authentic realizations. To carve out impressions of my finer points leaving footsteps that inspire. What about difficulties? I aspire to transcend them, and they in turn become like smoke, not like armor. To be noble and humble. I am [...]

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wasp medicine

October 29, 2013

This picture is the last bit of stuff that went in to my car. I just moved. Am now in an apartment. Yesterday was a real big day in getting organized. A big move across a few states and voila, am in a new place. A wasp happened upon my screen in the living room, [...]

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Completion…sets us free

October 1, 2013

The ego keeps us incomplete. Thrives on it for survival. Makes experiences its own, and is that voice that has us doubting, So…completeness is our birth rite. How to feel it and experience that. How about abundance? That too is our birth rite. I had a very powerful visualization of my grandmother opening a safety [...]

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Symbols …The Cormorant

September 26, 2013

Hi the topic of symbols, Friday I went to the mall, which is a rare event to see about resoling my favorite boots, and as I left I saw this little guy. I stopped 4 parking spaces from him, took some pictures, and then finally he puked up a fish and flew away (i [...]

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July 25, 2013

The Big Mother Full Moon of July where we are guided to our inner knowing. Guru-dark and light. Purnima- the full moon. a story… A Guru gives a discipline a sealed box and he is instructed not to open it, and he is to deliver to someone who is expecting it. He sets out and [...]

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This New Moon…The Divine Feminine

May 9, 2013

Take the opportunity of this new moon with a solar eclipse to immerse yourself into a deeper feminine place. Look at this from your perspective, from your mother’s perspective, and with great love and respect, let go of anything that doesn’t fit. A deeper calling is “hear” for you: feel directly. Go to the earth, [...]

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In our own backyard

April 10, 2013

Here is a seasonal newsletter giving kudos to local ventures with standards of excellence. They either have a superb product, are a conscious business, or execute with a level of integrity that is indisputable. A Rich Production, and the Divine Design Lab is featured under “Mind” in the Spring issue. It’s a great newsletter to [...]

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