Breathing Meditation for Centering and Grounding

• To relax and let go. 5 guided Vayu breaths, with meditation.
• Perfect for daily use.
• Great way to start the day, before a meeting, end the day

22 minute mp3

Clear the Clutter: Completion is King

• Enhanced clearing for 22 Week program
• Gives major tips in 3 areas to complete
• Move forward powerfully unencumbered

1 hour mp3

Act I: Creation is Queen

• 8 part journey with the archetypes
• Challenge yourself and bust through to new ways of being
• Creative problem solving

2 hour mp3

Coming soon!!

3 Steps when taken to heart change everything

A one page PDF

Justice: Balance, the Art of Your Own review

This link is a from a live teleclass, includes a visualization for balance and power.

The Fool: Jump into Your Vision, the Art of Your True Nature

This link is a from a live teleclass, the first in the series to launch you!

Receive: The art of listening, the art of storytelling

The following link is a from live call in interview between me and Marilyn Twintrees.

Dragon Meditation

The following Visualization was created on 1.23.12 in honor of the New Year of the Dragon and the new moon; it’s an audio mp3 for you.

Take 2 minutes, and listen as I explain who the Arcana are, the archetypes from the tarot!!!

Intro to the ARcana PDF Download Now!!

A book to help you organize.
FREE Downloadable PDF!

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