Zen of Performance class ~ Fri 6/25/18 ~10:15 a.m.

by Administrator on June 28, 2017

At the Asheville Percussion Festival

I am teaching a class to fine tune the intensive students going in to their performance Friday night.

~Points for optimizing on stage experience~

  1. fun exercises to get really present and have fun performing
  2. how to know you are prepared- what to work on now-
  3. what is your part- what are you responsible for
  4. letting go and allowing yourself to have the best experience -versus just self preoccupation- so the audience does as well
  5. how to check yourself before you go on
  6. have a checklist and a healthy way of reviewing the performance and inspiring take-aways to move forward with
3 solids from the above
  1. Integration space for the material
  2. Grooming for any personal questions and concerns
  3. Suggestions for how to review the show with a solid way to move forward


Power Journal is ready for you

by Administrator on February 6, 2015

Journal with Purpose

I’ve been writing journals since I was about 9. That’s quite a few hundred journals in my lifetime. I have to. To put words on paper, get things out, get to the root, and finally when an aha occurs I want to remember it.

This week, 3 different stories came to me. 1st was an interview with Ne -Yo, songwriter and producer. He had a lot of pent up aggravation as a kid after his father left, and his mom gave him pen and paper and said write it down.  The journals he began to write became the seed ground for his songs.

Here, part of a post from Humans in New York, “I was the youngest person in prison, so I withdrew into myself, and I started writing in a journal every single day. That journal became my world. I used it to figure things out, and one of the first things I realized was that I’d stopped being me. It wasn’t so much the crime that had landed me in prison. It was that I had decided to stop being me.”  Part of a powerful thread of stories from a neighborhood in Brooklyn that’s a hard place to get ahead. You may be following the miraculous story that is unfolding there starting with a young man, Vidal. It’s the greatest human story of the moment being broadcast.

I spoke to a friend the other day, we hadn’t talked in so many years. As we shared where we’ve been, we met in the NYC when she came to see my apartment as I was looking for a housemate at the time, she’s now out west and I’m in Asheville, we both referenced looking back at our journals and seeing how we had referenced things that we had forgotten and how some were playing out. I read something from 2004. These were entries I wrote while doing a play in Woodstock. I was so happy and wrote about how free and creative I felt. How someone had seen the play and wanted me for other plays and that he’d help me get my equity card. I had forgotten about that. And THEN amidst the journaling, I wrote go to Mt Mitchell, in Asheville NC, highest point east of the Mississippi. Planted the seed. I did visit Mt Mitchell last year. I went because a friend recommended it. I had no idea that I had it on my bucket list.

We are always creating. Always. Every thought, every word, every sensation. We are receiving and sending signals constantly. To have a place to write in that stream of consciousness way, with structure and support strengthens us at our core. It’s powerful.

Co-create consciously. The Power Journal.

Any journal story you want to share?


Happy Solstice

June 26, 2014

The way the eggs started the day.

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Yoga class Meditation in Motion

March 31, 2014

Title: Yoga class Meditation in Motion Location: Asheville Yoga Center Friday’s Description: This class will go deeply into motivation assisted by tarot archetypes. Through pranayama and sustained inward focused asanas, this 45 minute class will profoundly and quietly anchor intentions for success. Classes build and students will receive greater awareness by regular attendance. Start Time: […]

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July 25, 2013

The Big Mother Full Moon of July where we are guided to our inner knowing. Guru-dark and light. Purnima- the full moon. a story… A Guru gives a discipline a sealed box and he is instructed not to open it, and he is to deliver to someone who is expecting it. He sets out and […]

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In our own backyard

April 10, 2013

Here is a seasonal newsletter giving kudos to local ventures with standards of excellence. They either have a superb product, are a conscious business, or execute with a level of integrity that is indisputable. A Rich Production, and the Divine Design Lab is featured under “Mind” in the Spring issue. It’s a great newsletter to […]

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Reiki I class

August 16, 2012

Have you been thinking about getting attuned to Reiki? I am scheduling a Spring reiki class. If you are interested make sure to contact me.

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Life is embarrassing but you do it anyway

August 8, 2012

You bear it and you bare it.

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Teaching Yoga

August 2, 2012

Title: Teaching Yoga Location: Shambhala Yoga Center Beacon NY Description: Fundamental Yoga for beginners on up. Start Date: 2012-08-04 Start Time: 10:00 End Date: End Time: 11:15

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Workshop: Divine Design Lab

July 30, 2012

Title: Workshop: Divine Design Lab/ REGISTER here Location: Healing Arts Studio Newburgh NY Description: Are you feeling like the time is now? Are you stuck at the same place, but ready to move beyond it? There is a meeting point, and if you are ready this work will meet you and deliver. Come to this […]

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