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Why East West living?

by Administrator on December 16, 2013

It solves a problem for me. Forever I’ve been motivated and dedicated to some sort of spiritual calling, and teachings. I have taken some so literally that I’ve missed opportunities, here and now. I’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Living more in those ideals. I’m aware that in the Biggest picture, you can’t miss the boat, that life keeps coming for you, trying to fulfill the desires that are propelling. What we can do is delay, get in the way, and live a life where indifference sets in. A what’s the use scenario, until we get up again and look for inspiration.

What seems to happen to spiritual seekers is eventually we draw from our own experiences and make them our own. That’s the aha moment. The moment I realized that being born a Westerner in my specific way, and the many comforts I’ve had, spared me from experiences that I didn’t have to go through, yet my soul has been so drawn to Eastern teachings, that I’ve set up more poverty scenarios than necessary. Wrong perspective.

Yes I’ve suffered from some deep sense of disenfranchisement. I didn’t always appreciate the life I’d been given and my set of circumstances didn’t force me to do anything. Nelson Mandela and Ghandi clearly knew their oppressor. It’s been more of an inside job, to dig in and actually find the bridge that needs crossing. Whom and what to follow as many oppressors are cloaked in pretty packages.

At this time on the planet, being American born has had its own very specific struggle that for some, it’s been hard to pin point. I see it here as a great experiment. Caught between so many influences. The real, ancient, traditional knowledge based cultures have been more natural to me. They haven’t been regarded, and as a result  are endangered, becoming such rare birds. I’ve studied with so many greats. I get it now that I am a bridge. I am not talking about the save the planet interest that some people have. That’s not been my thrust. I’m talking more about not wasting resources, and being on point in career and relationships. Where then you serve. Service has always been a given.

So, The Misfits Guide to East West Living. A birth. A pulling together of information. A place to visit the well of nourishment and build your business. So if you do think the planet needs saving, or you want to contribute, you will be on track to do so. If you’re under the influences of the Western mind, not quite sure what to do with yourself, and have never quite fit in yet have such a longing in your heart, you too are a rare bird. You are worth saving, and its my hunch that it’s your time to be heard.


Divine Design Lab

by Administrator on August 25, 2012


From Worry to Witness

August 20, 2012

Have you noticed that judgement and worry partner? The good news is acceptance and witnessing partner as well. Check out these relationships- It makes a huge difference. The conversation changes. You can quit the cycle of worry; it’s a trapping of the judge. Just notice, when you worry you are judging something.  Worry is a [...]

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August 16, 2012

I believe the purpose of life is to discover who-what we are. That said, following what has heart , and to take risks therein is a path in just that. Just do it. Don’t quit, that’s the key. You grow.

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Build, Risk, Jump

June 29, 2012

Throwing one’s hat over the fence. Jumping fully into your motivation. Growing your empire. To me, you are that. The empire is you. Sealing the leaks. Validating your innermost calling, motivation. You serve one voice. June 29, 2012 is a 22, The Fool in the cards. That hat over the fence is one more unessential [...]

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The World

June 28, 2012

Today is a 21 day, The World in the cards. Please take a moment and celebrate something in your life. Yourself, another, a situation, a new concept…Break the monotony by rejoicing, sharing yourself, even if it is with spirit. We can not go on and on without some acknowledgment. What would it be measured by? [...]

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Presentation Yoga of the ARcana

February 7, 2012

Title: Presentation Yoga of the ARcana Location: Sacred Space, 464 Main St, Beacon NY Link out: Click here Description: An hour long event. Guided Meditation, going into yoga as union in your life, and giving a way to find your ARcana based on your birthday. It’s a second Saturday pay by donation event. Start Time: [...]

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I’ll be live introducing Yoga of the ARcana

January 31, 2012

Title: I’ll be live introducing Yoga of the ARcana Location: echo, 470 Main St Beacon Description: This is a party, Bubbles, Bellas, & Bras where I’ve given tarot readings before. This Saturday I will introduce the book and present a way so you can use it in your life. Start Time: 06:00 pm Date: 2012-02-04 [...]

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January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon! It’s a new moon and the perfect celebration of a new year. Fiercely enter this year of the dragon and participate in a webcast designed to empower. We are going through the players in the ARcana, dropping the unnecessary, shedding light and digging deep to reveal our Self, on this [...]

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The World

October 16, 2010

Integration of the self beyond the self. Your being in the world as a a traveler, authentically sharing who you are, trusting & dancing with all of existence. Your home is deep within you now, experience everything without attachment. You are no longer living in disappointments, but when one occurs you are welcoming and playful. [...]

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