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by Administrator on September 19, 2014

This is like a confessional.
I was considering wealth, and what that feels like inside. I saw a fear of abusing power. As I kept looking, I saw the trappings of winning and losing, of competition and sabotage, I heard a voice, that quote, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Those weren’t my words, but perhaps that’s where the fear was. Proof that second hand material can be misleading. What’s real power? Responsible to what? If I am really empowered I am clear about what I’m responsible to. The last thing I would want is to create dependency, and attachments to others. It dawned on me that as I truly step in to teaching that I would not want to create interdependence in any way, but  an inter relating where we share and celebrate gifts and talents. I was a healthy competitor when I played sports. Playing for the sport of it, not for myself.

What I began to sense was not about personal power, but creating an empowered atmosphere. This would help clarify intent. Understanding ones motivation and the ability to communicate it directly is key. All you can really own is your intent, your motivation. You can’t even own ideas. As an idea is born to you it’s already “out there”.  The wrong perspective of power wants to collect, own, and bully. The tower reminding me once again that letting go gets easier as you know yourself, as you truly face yourself, and you commit to being responsible. You stop clutching. You can let go. Why hold on? I am also reminded that I’ve been clearing a lot of stuff out again, and have seen family heirlooms in a new light. I’ll say I’m less attached. I remember when my mother didn’t want to be the custodian anymore. On retrospect things can be a burden.

That original quote is backwards, and so is society. Perhaps it was relevant once upon a time. Power is not a station you inherit, but a state of being you earn through experience.

New quote
“With great responsibility comes great power.” It’s an inside job first. So is true wealth.

My mission
To create an empowered atmosphere whereby personal truth and intent are made clear.

I just recently finished the Power Journal. It’s the misfits guide from pdf to physical form. It’s awesome. I’ve been doing it myself for final edits, mostly I’m using it to help me launch it! Well, it’s working. The way I go about this inner exploration is the undercurrent of the Power Journal.

I have come to this perspective. Individuals are a space for power, they can cause it. If someone is truly powerful, they command it. They own themselves. That cannot be taken away.

Art work at the top…by K Puss,  super heroine….This is her power belt!


MYOB: Self Care Act

by Administrator on April 7, 2014

In the guide we go into scheduling 3 things in 3 weeks that nourish you. You’ll do 1! It works. How about making an appointment for something kinda big that you want to do for yourself within 3 months? I just did that. I scheduled a saltwater floatation in May. In honor of my birthday. It feels great to do it. As you help yourself others benefit. People in the service business love to put something in their books in the future. It sets the tone.



March 30, 2014

~To decide is the way of the intellect~ STAY with me!!!… The runaway train of thoughts, images, and feelings, leaving us everywhere and nowhere. So old and crazy making. That’s the world following the unstable mind. But the intellect, a finely tuned instrument, the lab of analysis turns toward awareness. We harness here, we position [...]

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My Program is kick ass

March 27, 2014

SSSSOOOOOOOO I have been doing my own program, and it is kicking my ass. Wooo. Hooo. <Dominic the Donkey Says:> It’s truly a must have manual. For anyone who who is so familiar with working on yourself, this pulls it together. Go here.

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MYOB Monday: how’s your sleep?

March 17, 2014

I have quite a checklist as to what informs me regarding my environment. This feels potent: The direction you sleep. Head at the South, feet at the North. This is encouraged due to the magnetic pulls on the planet. Energy collects in the Northeast direction of ones home. If any energy feels off, start here.

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Fridays, day to recap and celebrate

March 7, 2014

So much of our time is preparation, so much is routine, and so much retrospect, that the path of a man’s genius contracts itself to a very few hours. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Interested in traditional medicine? Folk medicine is seen as alternative, even though it’s older and stores great wisdom. We are going to look [...]

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Stick with it…

February 24, 2013

Currently attention spans are miniscule, as is happiness and peace of mind. When we stick with something- see it through, have integrity, complete it, even if it’s a mood, its power over us diminishes. That’s what I did. I sat still. It was a turning point as I had been physically and mentally running everywhere. [...]

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Here’s to Wes Anderson; may he win the oscar for best screenplay 2013- along with Roman Coppala

February 24, 2013

I just listened to an interview between Terry Gross and Wes Andersen discussing Moonrise Kingdom since it is up for best screenplay this year at the Oscars. I am a huge fan of Wes Andersen, namely due to The Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. I like all of his films. These last 2 are [...]

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Let go of the shore.

February 8, 2013

Let go! When I woke up this morning  my first thoughts were about being a river. I saw very clearly the things that keep me clinging to the shore.  Zen uses the river as an example of how to live a life in flow.  Whoever I am still carrying and wherever I perseverate is me [...]

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Entertain this for 2013: Napoleon Hill on being born with two envelopes

January 2, 2013

As Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, taught about creating wealth he shared his belief which I believe he got from Carnegie. He said that we are all born with 2 envelopes. It’s up to each one of us how we use them. Contents of envelope one: Taking control of your own [...]

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